To be insured, or not to be insured, that is the option

 By Keith Lloyd……

To be sure, or not to be sure?

Home & buildings Insurance – a good policy

Living in North Cyprus can be a delight, a real pleasure; and yet infuriating at the same time.  You can be sure that the sun will shine and that almost anything you plant in the garden will flourish, yet can you be sure that the booked gardener will turn up?

Can you be sure that mains water is always available in the summertime? (What happened to the Turkish piped water?) Can we be sure of an uninterrupted power supply at any time of the year.  Will the fool in the car in front be sure to indicate where the vehicle will be aimed at next.  Will the food you enjoyed at a recommended restaurant be as good next time you visit?

You can be sure that any piece of spare land, including designated green areas, will be used as a rubble or rubbish dump; road works are never completed – deep ruts left by contractors are a constant residue through lack of ‘proper project planning’, or are they in league with tyre re-sellers?

So many imponderables, uncertainties and inconsistencies.  Consideration for others doesn’t seem part of any plan.  For example, wouldn’t you think that the football stadium Ground Keeper would know that mown grass clippings will rot and smell if left in a mound opposite residential apartments?  Not a bit of it;  the putrid stink is now a permanent feature of an area where local people cannot sit outside or leave the windows open at night.  Surely, the Municipality will do something about it, after all they own the ground and employ mower man.  Dream on, if you can slumber in the  stench!

So, apart from the sunshine, lovely fruit and flowers, what can we be sure of in North Cyprus?

Thanking Dagli Sigorta

Dagli team: Linda Robinson, Trevor and Mary Hughes

Recent experience suggests you can be sure of Dağli Sigorta, based in Karaoğlanoğu.  This insurance company has provided excellent service during ‘The Saga of the Kitchen Water Leak’  which we have recently endured.

Signs of damp throughout the apartment had casually been blamed “… on the lack of a damp course, usual in North Cyprus buildings”  say the experts (sic).   “Not always the case” said Trevor Hughes of Dağli.  Subsequently, a qualified surveyor was summoned to carry out a ‘damage’ examination which proved that a leak in water piping under the kitchen floor was to blame; but exactly where?

“The whole of the kitchen will have to come out”. Warned Danny the builder, “But we will make it as easy as we can for you, do you have home and buildings  insurance?” Upon answering in the affirmative, Danny went away to prepare his quotation for the work, which was subsequently presented to Dağli.  Their response?  “Go ahead and a cheque for the full amount of the repair is awaiting your collection in the office.”

A leak in the kitchen 1

Danny and his lads arrived soon after; carpenters to remove the kitchen cupboards, sparks to handle the oven electrics, drillers to remove the floor tiles and the concrete sub-structure, labourers to remove the spoil and a plumber to fix the leak, which was in a junction pipe between the mains water to the sink and the central heating boiler.

Duckboards were laid to allow movement around the floorless kitchen; this allowed  time for the ground to dry out over five days – then the process of rebuilding commenced.  This took another four days with various people re-visiting to re-install that which they had removed a week earlier; and now we’re back to normal.

A leak in the kitchen 2

Nearly finished following an inspection by the cat.

The cost?  Zero, thanks to Trevor and his team at Dağli.  Ah, not quite, the cost of dining out for nearly two weeks was not covered by the insurance policy, but that was manageable.  However, if the leak had not been so easily identified and quickly dealt with, meaning further and longer searching under the apartment, then costs incurred by our evacuation to an hotel would have been covered.

There are many things you cannot be sure of in North Cyprus, although being covered by Dağli is assuredly a good policy.