TRNC News 3.8.2016 Presidency donates €50,000 to the Committee on Missing Persons

TRNC Presidency donates €50,000 to the Committee on Missing Persons

President Mustafa Akıncı has announced that €50,000 has been donated to the Committee on Missing Persons (CMP).

The €50,000 donation will be used to help identify the potential burial places that are mentioned in the 1963, 1964 and 1974 archives.

Akinci - Donation to CMP

President Akıncı stated that the Committee on Missing Persons has developed a research project focussing on the archives within and outside of Cyprus, and an additional budget is needed to establish this team. The donation by the TRNC Presidency will fund this new team and enable the archives project to go ahead.

In addition to the ongoing studies of the CMP, this new project will open up access to new information in the archives of the TRNC; Turkey; The Greek Cypriot National Guard; Greece; Greek Cypriot Police; Red Cross; the UN; and UN military from 1963-1964 and 1974 for the first time.

The TRNC Presidency has previously donated €75,000 to the CMP and announced that the necessary permits have been granted by military authorities, with the support of the Presidency, to CMP excavation teams to start necessary works in all 30 currently known potential burial sites in the TRNC military zone.

680 of the 2001 missing people have been found so far with the ongoing studies of the Committee.

Alanlı praises constructive meetings in Azerbaijan

The Deputy Speaker of the Assembly Hüseyin Avkıran Alanlı is holding a series of meetings in Azerbaijan. As part of his outreach efforts, Alanlı met with the rector and vice rectors of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogy University.

Huseyin Alanli

Speaking at the meeting, Alanlı described Azerbaijan and the TRNC as brotherly countries, and underlined that utmost efforts should be made to deepen bilateral relations in the field of politics, education and social relations.

Pointing out that there are many Azeri students studying at the TRNC universities, Alanlı underlined the strategic importance of the continuation of this relationship in all fields.

Bilgiç: “Hydrocarbon exploration and extraction activities of foreign companies in our maritime jurisdiction is not possible”

The Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey Tanju Bilgiç stated that a significant portion of field number 6 which is amongst the so-called tendered licence areas announced by the Greek Cypriot Administration in their third round of international hydrocarbon exploration tender, falls within Turkey’s continental shelf and emphasized, “Hydrocarbon exploration and extraction activities of foreign companies in our maritime jurisdiction is not possible.”

Tanju Bilgic

Bilgiç pointed out that in the current intensified negotiation process which aims to establish a lasting and a fair solution in Cyprus, there is a mutual agreement that the island’s natural resources would fall within the jurisdiction of the federal government after a possible settlement.

Bilgiç said, “The Greek Cypriot Administration’s insistence to continue their one-sided initiatives in this area is very concerning, and suggests that they continue to see themselves as the sole owner of the Island. We reiterate that Turkey will take every precaution to protect her rights and interests on her continental shelf.”

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