December 5, 2022

By Margaret Sheard……

As a result of contact with Wendy Thomas, we went along to a Health and Wellbeing event which was held at the Aphrodite Restaurant in Lapta on Sunday 24th July.Wendy Thomas

Wendy had been in touch with Chris via email so we were pleased to meet her and she told us of a Detox diet she had tried and found very successful and she was displaying a range of products and information about Juice Plus+ which can transform your life in a controlled and healthy way.

There were many people there covering different aspects of health and wellbeing as well as stalls with crystals and jewellery.  Cemal Boransel, the owner of Aphrodite Restaurant, was mingling with the guests in his normal welcoming way, such a nice man who dresses in traditional Cypriot costume which adds a certain flavour to his restaurant.   Some time ago we wrote about Cemal and his earlier life in Cyprus and this can be seen by clicking here.

Cemal and guests

I decided to learn a bit about a healthy lifestyle and had a session with Ahmet Akın who told me about the correct way to breathe and how it can enhance your health.  This was just a short introduction and to follow this through I would need to attend a normal session to reap the benefits.    I must admit that what Ahmet explained to me made a lot of sense and I will be trying to put this into practice in the future.

Breathwork and Spiritual reading

One other thing I wanted to try was a spiritual reading, so I went along to see Ellie in another quiet area and she explained about her gift before taking my hands and proceeding to look into my soul.  What she told me is of course between her and me but it was a very interesting experience.

I spoke with Evşen Doğacan who had a beautiful range of jewellery, some of which she makes herself, so there was a nice choice of everyday or very ornate jewellery.  Inside the building we spoke with a lady dealing with art therapy, another aspect of reducing stress levels and healthy lifestyle.

Evsen Dogacan Jewellery and Art Therapy stalls

I somehow missed the lady who dealt with numerology although I was told later by someone I met there that it was very interesting.  This lady also had on display crystals and jewellery.

I noticed at the side of the restaurant in a shady place there was a facility for massage and they seemed to be extremely busy.

We spent a few enjoyable hours talking to the participants at the event and also some of the visitors where there were the familiar faces of people we have known for some time.   There was to be a presentation by Wendy Thomas later in the afternoon and also some music but unfortunately we could not stay for this but I would say the event seemed to be very successful with a steady flow of visitors to learn more of a healthy lifestyle.





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