Michael Raine – Rest in Peace

By Margaret Sheard…..

Michael Raine – Rest in Peace

I was recently advised of the death of Michael Raine who was an early member of Kyrenia Amateur Dramatic Society (KADS) and had lived in North Cyprus for about 20 years.   I didn’t know Michael but have managed to obtain some information and am sure there are many people who will remember him.

Michael died at his home in Moffat, Scotland at the age of 83 and a friend, Christine Venediger, who happened to be in Glasgow, is making the funeral arrangements over there.

I have been told by local artist Muriel Clutten that Michael arrived in North Cyprus in the mid-nineties and he joined KADS soon after.  He directed an evening of Shakespeare at Bellapais Abbey.  Muriel and her husband John were both involved.  Muriel remembers “He coached us meticulously and in great detail.   He was hard to please.  It was an inspiring and very enlightening experience and I only wish I’d had more opportunity to work with him in the theatre.  Much later, I’m not sure of the date, I was with him in the cast of “The Hollow Crown” which we put on at Book - It's an Ill WindChateau Lambousa. It was such a delight to listen to his performances.  He was a very talented actor, and it was a rare treat to see him on stage. He also organized a series of poetry readings, possibly five or six, with help from Neil and Cynthia Bratton in the choice of material.”

We are also aware of an interview Michael did with Denise Phillips on her BRT Main Event radio show in October 2014, when they discussed his work as an accomplished artist as well as being an actor and author of a book entitled “It’s An Ill Wind”.  To see the article about this show click here

So on behalf of those people who remember Michael Raine may he Rest in Peace.



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  1. Michael was also a keen bridge player and founded and ran Kyrenia Bridge Club which met every Wednesday. They were on there Summer break due to re start in September. He will be greatly missed by all his friends r.i.p. Michael my old friend