MAD for Ziyamet Special Needs School

By Chris Elliott…..

I first became aware of and started to visit Ziyamet or Leonarrisso on a research project when I found two retired Turkish Cypriot policemen who were named in a memoir article we published.

Of the village of Ziyamet or Leonarrisso, I find this very intriguing as this was recorded in the Ottoman census of 1831 of having a population of 103 males and the population steadily increased with a change in population in 1974 and as is evident in many of these small villages today, they need a lot of help.

The village’s first name, Leonarisso, means “lion’s garden” in Cypriot Greek and the Ottoman name Ziyamet can Joy at Ziyamet Special Needs Schoolbe translated as “fief or land given for services given” and it would be great to be able to learn more of this old village.

At the same time I started to visit the Karpaz area again and became very involved with following and writing about various efforts to help the Ziyamet Special Needs School and you only have to look into the eyes of the children there, to see the joy they have when the school is helped so it gives me great pleasure to share with our readers the following news from Art Watson.

“A group of like minded people, known as M-A-D (Making a Difference) are doing their best to improve the quality of the lives of these unfortunate and special children.

Over the last 18 months we have achieved a great deal, including the installation of an internal and external playground and the preparation of a sensory garden which the children will really enjoy.

Mad about Ziyamet Special Needs School 1

We have done this thanks to the generosity of caring people and without any financial support from the government.

On Tuesday 19th July we will be holding an entertainments evening at Stevie’s Bar in Kucuk Erenkoy to raise more funds to extend the playground and start other projects.

If you would like to make a contribution we would really appreciate a donation or raffle prize. It would be even better if you could join us on the night.

Donations can be made by contacting Art Watson on 0548 861 4873 or emailing or contacting Claire Lamb on 0542 878 7111

Your help and support will help to “Make a Difference.

Art Watson”

Ziyamet hand painting day 2

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  1. Thank you both for the great work you do to help these Children.

    It’s very much appreciated.