October 4, 2023

By Trevor Hughes……

Akin Motors, Bellapais Traffic Lights

To find an honest and genuine second hand car dealer here in the TRNC, is extremely difficult.

We all know, what you think you are purchasing is not necessarily what you’re buying. Without your knowledge, the car may have been involved in a road traffic accident resulting in the vehicle being declared an insurance “write off”. This does not stop some unscrupulous garage repairing the car for re-sale purposes and may even have turned the mileage clock back making the car more attractive to sell and increase its value.

I have been in discussion with one of the directors of Akin Motors of whom I was very impressed. Having been in the motor Classic Carstrade for several years, upon talking to him, he impressed me enormously matching my own exacting standards back in the UK. His preparation of sold vehicles before they are handed over to the customer is extremely thorough and will go that extra mile [excuse the pun] ensuring his customers are more than satisfied with their purchase.

He also operates an effective after sales care programme and if something does goes wrong with the vehicle after taking delivery, he will do all he can to overcome the problem, not just shrugging his shoulders and walking away, as in many cases here.

This is not a recommendation, but an observation in the standard of service he operates, well worth considering if you are contemplating changing your car! He also operates an after sales warranty on the engine and gear box, ask for details.

They are located on the corner of the Bellapais traffic lights in Girne.

DHL Service

The  DHL facility in Girne no longer exists. The “Hire It” Shop in Catalkoy now operates their postal/parcel delivery service through TNT. Remember, the payment system cannot be made by credit card, it is a cash transaction only!

Passport RenewalRalph is proud of TNT

If you are making an application to renew your British passport and the application is made as an overseas applicant, and you do not own/rent a property in the UK you cannot ask the office in charge to send the renewal to a friend/relative’s home address in the UK, because they won’t post it to you. There are only two ways you can obtain the renewed passport.

  1. Travel to the UK when the time is right, or
  2. Request the passport office to send it to your address here. The TNT route is by far the best and the most economical service.

Gas Tanks

Making an application for an installation permit for your gas tank now only takes 2-3 weeks to complete, far more quickly than before!!

Central heating/hot water gas boilers.

The Fire Brigade are again considering making compulsory for the water heating appliances to be fitted outside of your property. They are getting concerned that when the appliance needs servicing, it may start producing carbon dioxide fumes, which can kill; it also reduces the risk of fire and/or explosion.

New Number Plates

You may have noticed some changes in the design of some vehicle number plates here. The new plates are white and end with the letter Z. This is the new design for hire vehicles only and will allow better recognition for the speed cameras.

Bayram Holidays

July 20 – Turkish Intervention (Peace and Freedom Day)

The date of July 20, 1974 recollects an important milestone in the history of Cyprus. The division of the island which can be perceived until present days has its roots in a violent struggle between Greek and Turkish Cypriots. On 15 July, 1974 a coup d’état was organized by the Greek army forces against the then Archbishop Makarios and his Government, Turkish and Cyprus flags imagewith the aim of uniting the island with Greece. During the days following the overthrow, many Turkish Cypriot villages were razed and their inhabitants slaughtered by Greek Cypriots.  5 days later, Turkey responded to the massacres and on 20 July, 1974 the Turkish military intervention was launched, also known as the Turkish Peace Operation. The troops of Turkey landed in the north of the island to stop the bloodshed and to provide safety for Turkish Cypriots. Since the gruesome event of 1974, Cyprus has remained divided, one third of the north part being occupied by Turkish Cypriots and the two-third southern part of island controlled by Greek Cypriots. In North Cyprus, Peace and Freedom Day is celebrated as an anniversary of the intervention of the island’s northern part by Turkish troops in 1974 and is accompanied with Turkish and Northern Cyprus flag-waving ceremonies and significant military  parades and air displays.

Bayram holidays for July are as follows,

Banks will be closed on Monday 4th 12.00 noon to Thursday 7th and Friday 8th July from 13.15 and will re-open for normal business on Monday 11th. If you intend using the ATM machines, it may be wise to use them early in the holiday period to avoid the chance of the machines running out of cash when making your cash withdrawal.

Because of Turkey’s decision to extend the holiday period, all Government and Local Government offices here will be closed for the holiday period for 10 days and re opening on Tuesday the 12th of July.

3 thoughts on “North Cyprus Trevor’s Tips for July 2016

  1. Do you have any news on the Turkish water supply system? More to the point do you have any information as to why the Esentepe council are charging Ex pats over 2000tl + for a water meter and connection whereas locals and Turkish mainlanders are only being asked to pay a few hundred tl.

    1. Thank you for your comment Geoff and as as you know, pipe laying for Turkish water supply is underway in many areas and in some areas Turkish water we understand is being received.

      Regarding you comment about Esentepe, this is rather contentious and if readers are to take it seriously they would need to see proof of the claims you are making.

      Perhaps you would like to contact with Graham Brown who has made a comment on our North Cyprus Forum the Friendly Forum to compare notes and winkle out the truth for the benefit of all readers. http://northcyprusforum.net/wp/forums/topic/esentepe-water/

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