November 26, 2022

You do not want to be part of the E.U.

Asa K. Jennings
Asa K. Jennings

We have received the following letter from Roger Jennings, whose family advised Gazi M. Kemal Ataturk from 1922, and then President Inonu and other great Turkish leaders and he said.

 “They were great, because they listened to get the best advice, and then acted with purpose.





“The TRNC suffers from economic stagnation and poverty.

GDP per person of $15,000 can be increased with a huge infusion of foreign money invested in value added jobs.  Wake Up Turkish Cypriots!  You have an opportunity to be like Switzerland where GDP per person is $85,000.

The world has excluded you.  You owe Europe and the U.S. nothing.  When you offer investment accounts without reporting names and earnings to foreign countries, the world will start to respect you, and want to trade with you.  This is how Switzerland got rich.

Act now!

You do not want to be part of the E.U. and get crushed like the people of Greece.  The British people voted to exit from the E.U.   Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, both terrible candidates, are popular, because the Americans, like the British people, want to throw the bums out of office.  The politicians are not serving the people well.

Take action like the British and American people, and become “little Switzerland” and wealthy from your independence from all other countries.

Is this hard to understand?  Are you unable to do what is best for Turkish Cypriot people?  Why are you letting economic stagnation and poverty to continue?  Become little Switzerland while you still have a chance.

Roger Jennings
24th June 2016″

Roger Jennings the grandson of Asa K.Jennings who was appointed by Mustafa Kemal Pasha and the Greek government as their diplomat at the Treaty of Lausanne also wrote a previous article: ”It’s Simple! – the Cyprus Negotiations Will Fail.”

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1 thought on “The TRNC suffers from economic stagnation and poverty but could be a little Switzerland

  1. Great Advise. Time to act now and let Turkish Cypriots enjoy their life. They are the best human being I have come across. They are peace loving people. Look at Palestine, Kashmir. These problems will never get solved. So stand up and do the right things for your people.
    Very rightly mentioned- no one will help you. You have to help yourself.

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