December 10, 2022

My beloved Alsancak

A Village in Transition – Part 2

By Ralph Kratzer

In the years before I have written some articles about my adopted homeland, the village – or nowadays better said – small town of Alsancak in Northern Cyprus.

To remember a few of these articles, here comes a short list with the corresponding links.

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The Alsancak Mayor Firat Ataser

An important topic for me was always the struggle by the municipality and especially the Mayor, Firat Ataser, to retain Mare Monte, a former tourist hotel and bungalow complex, as a public beach. However, from the point of view of the owners of the bay and investors who leased the land, of course there are other, especially monetary, interests.

Readers of our site have recently asked me about the latest status concerning Mare Monte.

Therefore, I made my way to learn more about it.

Mare Monte beach 2016

Mare Monte beach 2016

First the good news: The beach is still free to the public and the local municipality workers still care about the cleanliness, rent beach umbrellas and sunbeds at cheap prices and run the small beach restaurant where you can obtain refreshing drinks and small meals for reasonable money.

The Mayor of Alsancak is a busy man, but after two failed attempts, I got last week an appointment for an interview with him.

Firat Ataser told me that the “case of Mare Monte” is still sub judice, that means the future fate of the beautiful bay is still not clear.

But the young leader of Alsancak, who has been in office for only a relatively short time and has, since his inauguration, tirelessly worked on the embellishment and improvement of the town, has a “plan B” on the table.

Escape beach

Escape beach

Next to the town´s Landing Beach monument and the well-known and much visited Escape Beach, which is privately held and correspondingly expensive, is another beautiful beach, which belongs to the municipality of Alsancak and was leased until recently. This lease has expired and the Mayor plans to make this beach – with corresponding construction measures – not only open to the public, but also to equip it with all the facilities that belong to a modern beach resort.

But that is not enough. Only a few metres inland, directly opposite the bay, is a large piece of land with a dense stock of trees. There Firat Ataser is planning to build a recreation park with inter alia an artificial lake, a cafeterria, tennis and basketball courts, a large children’s playground with ecological playground equipment, a mini zoo, and biking trails through the entire complex.

the future public beach in Alsancak

the future public beach in Alsancak

As I understood, the planning phase for this mammoth project is almost complete and the construction works are scheduled to begin as early as next year.

I think with this project Alsancak will become a centre of attraction not only for the local population but also for the tourism in Northern Cyprus.

At the end of our meeting the Mayor pointed out that the next summer festival in Alsancak will take place from 11th to 14th August 2016 and was a great success last year.

My personal thanks to Firat Ataser and I wish him much success for his ambitious plans!

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