New TNT collection point (Passport renewal) – Hire It Trading Ltd, Catalkoy

By Chris Elliott……..

We recently published news that the DHL collection service will now be handled from Hire It Trading Ltd,  Çatalköy (a vehicle and tool hire company)  click here  for that article

The good news is that they will now also be handling TNT  as well in their offices in Çatalköy and Alsancak.

Hire it Catalkoy and Alsancak

Talking with Ralph Searl at their Çatalköy office he said “TNT and Fedex have merged and  are now the world’s 4th largest courier service provider and this will enhance our parcel and passport capability.  With DHL we had one company choice only and now with TNT we have 2 courier services we can offer our clients.

With TNT, this lets us move into international movements by container as well with full and part loads door to door including storage and it still leaves us being able to do pet transportation in our own vehicles overland.

With the new arrangements it makes customers purchasing from Ebay and Amazon and the like a better prospect and for general shipping we have far greater selection of options to suit Ralph is proud of TNTour customer needs and for example with eBay etc when buying an article online,  they click on TNT as the courier and give our Çatalköy office details and we clear the item when it arrives in TRNC and they pick it up from us and pay the handling and duty costs.”

The Hire It service options  of course includes passport renewals and when they are due to be renewed you need to complete the paperwork online and then take the document and passport to Hire It who will arrange for it to be collected and sent to the UK by DHL or TNT.   The new and old passports are returned separately and will either be delivered to your address or to Hire It Çatalköy for you to collect from their premises.

Please note that Hire It are not responsible for the completion of the passport renewal form and payment, they provide the safe route for return by the DHL or TNT service, so it is important to complete everything correctly before taking to Hire It.

Hire It are open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday.  The phone number for Çatalköy is  0533 879 5855, email and you can visit their website by clicking here to see the range of other services offered.

The Alsancak office is opening soon and Ralph and his partner Ali will be pleased to welcome you and assist with your requirements.

To access the online UK Government passport renewal link click here

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  1. TNT / Fedex are so much more efficient they carry electrical goods like phones & ipads also shipping every night unlike DHL only twice per week

  2. Hi do you have any idea how I can get hold of Ralph searl he has had my belongings now for a while and payment in full to courier them back to UK and I have called his number and it’s off and have been to his new offices in Lapta a number of times and my stuff is there but no Ralph. If you can help at all I would appreciate it.

    • Hello Alex,

      We are sorry to hear of your problem and can only suggest you contact TNT as they may be able to tell you who the registered owner of Hireit is.

      In view of the service you say you asked Hireit to perform for you, we suggest you seek professional advice to resolve this problem.

      • hi
        this job is done Feb 2017 once payment had been received from the client,
        payment received late Feb
        goods dispatched 5 days later cannot dispatch without payment
        no issues outstanding as i know of goods in UK with this client
        do not understand the post really

  3. this has also been posted on Kibkom forum with the normal responses i cannot answer on this site as they deny me access
    i don’t know why despite asking (silence is the response)

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