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Kervan Restaurant, Karaoğlanoğlu on 14th June 2016

Kervan Restaurant, Karaoğlanoğlu

KathyBy Kathy Martin…

Tuesday 14th June 2016 as I was over on the other (west) side of Girne/Kyrenia, for the NCCT coffee morning, not somewhere I frequent as usual, I took the opportunity to visit the Kervan restaurant.

My friend Aynur Rigby had strongly recommended it as a venue I would be able to access easily with my walking difficulties and she was correct. Also for anyone else with walking problems the loos were easy to reach, however, IT IS NOT wheelchair friendly.

1 Kervan groupThe location is wonderful for beach and seaside viewing, Aynur assured me that the sunsets are spectacular!

Kervansaray Plaj/Beach

Kervansaray Plaj/Beach

Having declined the goodies on offer at the Merit Hotel, I was ready to have a small lunch. The Tuborg, my beer of choice was available at 7tl and I opted for a prawn salad. However, I was disappointed to be charged 25tl for a shrimp salad – guess I was paying for the glorious views!

3 Kathy and prawn salad at KervanLevanta and Cansev only stayed for a lemonata (lemon drink) with ice, which they certainly seemed to enjoy!

Levanta and Cansev

Levanta and Cansev

My overall impression was of an average beachside cafe-bar, the menu had pizzas, beef burgers, hot dogs etc, much as to be expected, however, several friends have commented how much they have enjoyed the pizzas etc, so please DO NOT be put off by my disappointing salad! The waiter spoke excellent English and when I ordered my meal in Turkish said my Turkish was better than his! Leading me to believe he might not have been a native Turkish-Cypriot!!!

The Kervan is easily found, being well signposted from the main coast road, in Karaoğlanoğlu. Close to the signs to another of the Merit Hotels.