December 6, 2022

By Newshound………
North Cyprus………

A member of North Cyprus Forum. net, has highlighted a potential serious security risk for internet users in which theySecurity - keep it locked pointed out.

“There is a scam going around at the moment , where you may get an email from someone you know, with an indication that what is attached is an important ‘approval’ form.

It invites you open the form as either a PDF document or as a ‘cloud’ attachment – DO NOT attempt to open it – delete the email and run a virus check.

It is after your email or cloud account password.

If anyone gets one of these emails, it may be worth noting that the alleged sender – will probably not be the genuine, as it usually means the genuine person has had their email address ‘hacked’ and not be aware.

Therefore contacting them will open up an avenue for the hacker. If it felt necessary to contact the genuine person – it is advisable to use an alternate method if possible.”

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