December 5, 2022

Kasulidis: “Ban wants to hold a tripartite meeting”

According to the Greek Cypriot news sources, Greek Cypriot Foreign Minister Yoannis Kasulidis who met with the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon in New York said that the UN chief had conveyed to him his desire to meet with the leaders of the two communities in Cyprus.

Kasulidis and Ban ki Moon

A meeting between Ban and the two leaders was welcomed, Kasulidis added, but at a time to be designated by the leaders themselves. Kasulidis also added that it would depend on the convergences reached between the two leaders in the weeks and months to come.

Hrisostomos and ELAM are in the report of Racism and Intolerance of the European Commission

In the report of the independent body of the Council of Europe called European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI), which is responsible for monitoring  human rights, it was stated that Archbishop Hrisostomos clearly agreed that he supported the objectives of Greece’s Neo –Nazi Golden Dawn Party and members of the far right wing party and racist Greek National People’s Front (ELAM) in South Cyprus.

ELAM and Hrisostomos

In the report of the ECRI, Elam is placed in the group that is “the enemy of Jewish, anti -Turkish Cypriot, racist and xenophobic and also the extremists which are suspected to have the responsibility for the attacks on the Turkish Cypriots and immigrants.

ECRI also expressed concern about the existence and activities of ELAM which is currently in the assembly, even if they reduced their rhetoric and maintained a low profile following the movement against the Turkish Cypriots and immigrants in 2010.

The naval phase of the Martyr Lieutenant Caner Gönyeli 2016 Search and Rescue Exercise was carried out

The Martyr Lieutenant Caner Gönyeli 2016 Search and Rescue Exercise was carried out on Wednesday, 8 June 2016.

Naval exercise

The first phase of the joint naval exercises was carried out 13 miles off Dipkarpaz- Famagusta, out of the TRNC territorial waters, in the Turkish Search and Rescue Region; and the second phase was carried out at Famagusta offshore in the TRNC territorial waters 5 miles off Zeytin Burnu, with the participation of Turkey and the TRNC and it was attended by military and civilian search and rescue components.

In his speech at the exercise area, Rear Admiral Hakan Üstem stated that Turkey and the TRNC reinforced the cooperation and coordination on the issue of the Search and Rescue Exercise and the interoperability of military and civilian search and rescue elements and the remote control and testing of communication procedures were realized.

Emphasizing that the essential and primary principles of the search and rescue operations are to save lives, Üstem stated that Turkey gave importance to the survival of each victim of irregular immigration in the Mediterranean and also in the Aegean Regions.

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