May 31, 2023

By Kim Betts – Kyrenia Animal Rescue…..

The KAR Rescue Centre became the benchmark for a new proposed TRNC Rescue Centre that the local Beledeyesi are hoping to set up themselves. Representatives from various Beledeyesi and the Veterinary Association  visited the KAR Centre and spoke to staff and Margaret Ray – they were given advice on many aspects of animal welfare in relation to the stray dog/cat population, control, housing, building requirements, medical needs etc. They could see for themselves the advice being put into practice at the Centre including the recent major renovations that have taken place.

Belediyesi and Veterinary reps

The representatives from Degirmenlik Belediyesi Lefkosa Turk Belediyesi, TRNC Veterinary Association, Gonyeli Belediyesi, were very impressed with the KAR Rescue Centre and it gave them plenty to think about in relation to their own proposed Centre. They are hoping to submit a collective application for EU funding to help build their own Centre.



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