June 3, 2023

By Chris Elliott……..

Hello readers we have been missing you for the past 24 hours and no doubt most of you may have been missing our news and reviews.

Well there I was preparing an article for you and after doing a preview, I hit the publish button and then went to get the article link to share across social media and I was greeted with a screen saying   “This site can’t be reached” – cyprusscene.com took too long to respond. OMG!!!!

OK not a problem, it will come in a minute and as most North Cyprus internet users find from time the internet just goes to sleep. Then the messages start flowing ” Chris, I have my article ready for publishing but cannot do a preview or even see theSnails pace internet site, what’s going on?

Time for action and a report is emailed to wordpress.com support but are they on the same time zone as us and will they respond quickly? We sweat it out and an email comes back saying they are looking into the problem and I email back some more helpful information for their investigation.

Time ticks by and I decide to contact wordpress.com via live chat and we start a dialog and they apologise again and say their development team are looking into the problem and will bring our site back on line ASAP. We contact them late in the evening again on Live Chat and I guess I am in contact with the US so we have a big time difference between us and what will be , will be!

I was up early today and checking the site it was still down and I decided to go Cyprusscene.com is backto Ziyamet for the moring to cover an event and as I arrived home in my car, my mobile rang and it was Margaret in our house telling me the site had just come back on line. Woweeeeee….

The cyprusscene.com team would like to thank the WordPress Wizard’s and their Happiness Engineers for helping us in our hour or hours of need.

Thank you for waiting for us dear readers and our string of articles and reviews are now flowing again for your enjoyment thanks to WordPress.com.





2 thoughts on “Cyprusscene.com is back from the internet dark world thanks to WordPress.com

  1. Chris! Thank goodness for that, I have been missing my daily dose of medicine? called Cyprusscene and suffering due to not receiving my full dosage. Better? Better. Bob.

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