December 10, 2022

By Kim Betts…….
Kyrenia Animal Rescue……..

Recently the KAR Education Team visited  Karakum Pre-School to meet the children (and teachers) and help them learn more about animal care as part of the very successful ongoing KAR Education programme. The children seemed to enjoy the lesson very much and the Head Teacher felt that the children would benefit by having more interactKarakum special needs school visit KAR center (1)ion with cats and dogs. So a visit to the KAR Rescue Centre was arranged.

On Wednesday 18th May 42 children plus their teachers descended on the Centre. You can imagine the noise from the very excited dogs at the sight of so many potential playmates!!!  The children were excited about their visit, but were very calm and well behaved. The Team had talked to them about the dogs being excited and barking, but that it was only because they were happy to have visitors. Part of the Education programme is to teach children how to approach dogs safely, and they had certainly remembered that bit!

The children brought donations of food with them which they proudly carried into the Centre.

Everyone soon settled and the children were kept busy with stroking/petting of some of the younger puppies, delightedly watching the cats perform Karakum special needs school visit KAR center (3)acrobats with a cat toy, drawing pictures of the cats and dogs and listening to staff, teachers, volunteers and the Education team explaining about the 400 plus cats, dogs, kittens and puppies who live at the Centre.

Everyone seemed to enjoy their visit —and the cats and dogs were sad to say goodbye (but happy enough to tuck into the donations that the children had brought for them !).

If you know of a school that may be interested in having the KAR Education Team visit the students then please contact our office on 0090 533 8694098 or email – the programme is designed with flexibility to suit various student ages.


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