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Kyrenia Animal Rescue and Gorgeous George and his tracking device

By Kim Betts…….
Kar Pet Travel…….

It is always lovely when we hear from owners about how their pets have settled into a new life in the UK or elsewhere – so we were delighted to hear recently from Loraine. In June 2105 KAR Pet Travel arranged for George (owned by Loraine) to relocate from Turtle Bay TRNC to Banchory Aberdeenshire. As you can appreciate it was to be a long journey from TRNC to Istanbul then on to Heathrow then finally on to Banchory.

“ Hi Kim,

I thought I would send you a picture of George now that he has settled in.   

He has settled in very well (can’t believe Gorgeous Georgeit is almost a year!).   I can now let him out without his tracker on as he knows the garden and surrounding area and always finds his way home.   He loves being out but does not stray too far and he also loves long daytime sleeps in his favourite chair.

This picture was taken recently but before the vet put him on a diet!  

He is losing a wee bit of weight every week but has a long way to go as the vet wants to see him go from 9 Kg to 6 Kg !

Thanks for all your help in organising his travel arrangements and seeing him safely onto the plane.”


The “tracker” device that Loraine is referring to can be seen by clicking here  and  it can be a very useful aid in helping your pet settle safely into their new surroundings.

Loraine has also kindly provided a photo record of George and his epic journey.

George has arrived