May 31, 2023

By Kim Betts…….

Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR)…..

Lots of us will have read the book, or seen the film, of Marley and Me – many a tear was wiped away no doubt. Well KAR has its very own Marley and Our Marley needs a “special” You.

Our Marley came into the KAR Rescue Centre in January this year. He was approximately 1 year old and had obviously been previously owned. He had, at some point, had an injury to his leg which had been amputated before he came to us. The amputation has meant that at times Our Marley is a bit unsteady on his feet. Marley and YouNow in his own home environment he would have adjusted and been able to cope very well with that. However Our Marley – the invalid – wasn’t wanted. Maybe after the amputation he didn’t look like a text book staffie is supposed to look and his owners were disappointed – maybe they were embarrassed at his disability – who knows. But Our Marley was just dumped and discarded like a broken toy.

Marley is a lively and loving dog with no other health issues – however because he can sometimes be a little unsteady on his feet he is finding the rough and tumble of compound life, at the KAR Centre, very difficult. We do not have the individual space for him to call his own.

Our Marley needs a “special” home – where he can get used to his own surroundings without lots of other dogs knocking him over and denting his confidence. He wouldn’t mind sharing that home with another dog – he is very friendly – but most of all he just wants his own “special home”.

He is a real character who will flourish in a home of his own. He could have a long life ahead of him and in the right home it will be a happy life despite his disability.

If you think that you may be that “special one” for this “special dog” then please contact Joanna on 0533 8631950 or email us at

We are hoping that there is a special person and home out there for Our Marley – we would love, at a later date, to be able to write about Marley and You.


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