December 6, 2022

By Chris Elliott……

Over the years I had read many things about Asil Nadir and some while ago I recently went along to a luncheon where there was an after dinner speaker who gave a fascinating talk about Asil Nadir and the many aspects of his business life.

Whether you live in Cyprus or not, most people will have heard of Asil Nadir Asil Nadirthe Turkish Cypriot businessman who returned voluntarily from Turkish North Cyprus to the UK in 2010, but was convicted on 23 August 2012 for seven thefts supposedly committed between August 1987 and June 1989. He was sentenced to ten years imprisonment.

Friday night 22nd April 2016, the news broke on internet social media that he was being flown to Turkey with speculations that he would also be returned to the TRNC.

So what is the truth behind allegations that justice was not seen to be done in the case of Asil Nadir v Regina?

The text below is an extract from a website which makes fascinating reading with many supportive documents and statements to back up the claims made on the website.

You may well be asking yourself, what is the truth behind his case and if so, then read on.



Asil Nadir did NOT receive a full and fair trial!

THE BACKGROUND: Asil Nadir was born 1st May 1941 and is a Turkish Cypriot former businessman, who was chief executive of Polly Peck, which he took over as a small textile company, expanding it during the 1980s to become one of the United Kingdom’s top 100 FTSE-listed companies, with interests in consumer electronics, fruit distribution and packaging. In 1990, the business collapsed following an orchestrated campaign by the Sunday Times, a spurious raid on the Nadir family trust company, South Audley Management and a well publicized raid on the offices of Polly Peck by the Serious Fraud Office, and charges were brought against Asil Nadir on 70 counts of false accounting and theft, which he denied. Nadir went on trial in 1992.

Convinced that he was not going to get a fair trial because, he felt, that the SFO would not investigate his defence properly, together with unfounded bribery and corruption charges relating to the trial judge, Mr Justice Tucker and the confiscation of his defence papers, first by the SFO and then the trustees in bankruptcy, Asil Nadir, whose bail had lapsed, left the United Kingdom on Bank Holiday Monday, 3 May 1993, and flew to the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus.

From 1993 until 2010 Nadir lived in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, but he returned, voluntarily, to the jurisdiction of the English Courts on Thursday 26th August 2010. His trial commenced at the Old Bailey on 3 September 2010, on 13 specimen charges of false accounting and theft totalling £34m. He was found guilty of 10 counts of theft totalling £29m and on 23 August 2012 was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment with 5 years suspended. Nadir has always claimed that the charges against him were rigged and that the SFO tried to frame him, abused its powers and doctored evidence, making any fair trial impossible.

Since his conviction Asil Nadir was held in the Category A jail, Belmarsh, South East London, but on May 2, 2014 an article, called ‘Project Babylon and the still smoking Iraqi supergun′, wtitten by Andrew Rosthorn, appeared in Tribune Magazine. The publication of this article appeared to put the upper echelons of Her Majesty’s Government in a state of panic, for Asil Nadir was moved to the Category C Prison Highpoint South (formerly called Highpoint prison), located in the village of Stradishall (near Newmarket) in Suffolk, England, the next day and where he currently resides.


Asil Nadir was transferred to Turkey during the evening of the 21st April, after a long campaign by his family, supporters and legal team.

The transfer was carefully coordinated by Her Majesty’s Government to coincide with all eyes in the UK being diverted to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th Birthday.

More news follows…….


To read the inside story on JANCOM please click here

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5 thoughts on “Asil Nadir is freed – Innocent or not and at what price?

  1. Very Interesting indeed. Obviously there is more than what meets the eye in Asli Nadirs’ conviction . Thank you Chris Elliott For enlightening us on the ins and outs of this intriguing saga.

    1. Thank you Sermen and we have wanted for some time to provide links to the facts but until the surprise decision to send Asil Nadir quietly to Tukey, the opportunity did not exist.

  2. Jancom is the “go to” site for valuable information on what was in essence a mistrial. Very glad to hear Asil Nadir has been released. I will write soon on connections to corrupt police in UK.

  3. Dear Chris and Margaret

    You are doıng an excellent job by telling some of the life story of Asıl Nadır and my suggestıon ıs for you both to ıntervew hım. He is a very close friend of mine and I am sure he will welcome you.

    Now all the past of Asıl, ugly as it turned out to be, ıs behind him but nevertheless if he wishes to talk about ıt, I am sure it wıll make very ınteresting readıng for the many readers.

    Otherwise I hope he talks about how much he has been suffering from the very same people he tried to help, as I know from my personal experience the tıme to tell most of it is now

    GOD BLESS you both for taking it up.

    1. Thank you John for your kind words and yes it would be good to meet with Asil Nadir if he is willing to bring more of the truth into the open.

      Best wishes,

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