Enjoy LIFE and don’t WORRY about your HEALTH with Guven Hospital

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 Enjoy LIFE and don’t WORRY about your HEALTH

Life in North Cyprus can be wonderful. The climate and scenery are amazing, fresh food is cheap and plentiful; really, there’s no excuse for not living that healthy Mediterranean lifestyle we are always hearing about.

Unfortunately, many people are concerned about the quality of health care available. That’s where the outstanding Güven HospitalGuven hospital logo comes in. If you have any health worries, or would value a second opinion, you now have the option of a consultation with experts from this world class institution.

In association with Living magazine, a one day seminar is to be held at the Cratos Hotel in Çatalköy, where you can meet experts from the Güven Hospital and put your questions to them.

The Güven Hospital is in Ankara, less than an hour’s flight time from Ercan airport. It has recently opened an office in Kyrenia, where local representatives can arrange appointments for you and organise your trip.

Güven was one of the first private hospitals in Turkey, founded in 1974. Today Guven Hospital representativesthe Hospital employs more than 1000 people, including 200 doctors and 350 nurses. There are 251 beds in private rooms and a further 50 intensive care beds.The hospital treats more than a quarter of a million patients annually, both admissions and outpatients – and delivers 1,500 babies a year.

Come and find out how you might benefit from the skills and experience available at this outstanding hospital. Presentations will be in English and feature experts in heart disease, cancer, dementia and knee & hip replacement surgery. Afterwards there will be opportunities to meet the doctors for a free, personal appraisal.


WHERE: Cratos Hotel, Çatalköy (Molière Room)

WHEN: Wednesday 4th May. 09.30 till 5pm

Coffee breaks and free buffet lunch provided


Starting :9.30 : opening (9.30 to 10.00 o’clock just coffee service while they are waiting for other people to arrive)

At 10.00: Visual presentation and introduction of Güven Hospital.

  • Prof. Dr. Mehmet Emin – Korkmaz Valvular Diseases of Heart
  • Prof Dr. Deniz Yamaç     – Cancer
  • Prof Dr.Teslime Atlı        – Dementia
  • Op. Dr. Cenk Öztürk       – Knee-cap and hip operations

12.30 :Yasmin and Nedim Calıskan from the Cyprus Kyrenia-Bellapais office will close the conference by introducing the Güven Hospital attorney.

12.40 to 14.00 Lunch open Buffet.

14.00 : Face to face doctors meetings.

If you would like to include something please feel free to make contact with  us.

Yasmin and Nedim Calıskan


Coming very soon,  a report by following a visit to the Güven Hospital, Ankara.

Guven Hospital reception