December 5, 2022

By Margaret Sheard….

Do you have these nasty insects?

I know the USA has a major problem with termites but did not expect to see the result of their handiwork in Northern Cyprus – but I have – and big time!

A couple of years ago the door frames in my bungalow started to show signs of something eating them and it was realised that there was an infestation of termites.  I tried taking the easiest and most economical measures by having part of the door frames replaced, but this however was false economy as obviously the cause of the problem was still there under the floor and so the door frames were attacked again and this time just by touching the wood a hole would appear.  Last year I had one completely new door frame for the en-suite shower room as I wanted to have the door opening outwards instead of inwards and the termites had already attacked this new door frame.


I suppose you learn by your mistakes and I should have called the Pest Control company immediately I was aware of the problem, so although I dreaded the thought of what became a major job as all 6 door frames would have to be replaced, I called Orkin Pest Control who are now based in Dikmen and made arrangements Orkin logoto go along and see Dr Zeliha Imamzade at the office.  This is very easy to find taking the turning to Dikmen off the main Girne/Lefkoşa road and the office is about 200 meters along on the left hand side of the road.

Dr Zeliha Imamzade

Zeliha spent a long time talking to us and explaining the problem and the way in which to treat it and she recommended a company which we could contact to deal with the removal and replacement of the door frames.  Once the door frames were removed Orkin would come and do the necessary treatment to hopefully get rid of the termites once and for all.

We contacted North Cyprus Property Management (NCPM) in Çatalköy who came out to see what was required.  They understood the problem totally and on receipt of their quote we asked them to put the work in hand as soon as they could.  NCPM NCPM logocame along with carpenters Yilmaş and Ferhat, who are based in Çatalköy, who then returned to remove the door frames and take the doors back to their workshop to make the new frames.   We had to go out later that day and when we returned all of the affected frames which had been removed had been taken away.  Wonderful service.

We went back to Zeliha who made arrangements for their technician to come and do the work of injecting the exposed areas where the frames had been removed with their Bayer chemical treatment.  Although the company was very busy Zeliha pulled all the stops to help as we were now left with no internal doors anywhere.  Their technician Hanifi arrived on a Saturday morning and proceeded to drill way down through the cavities and then injected the cavities with a rather strange bubbling mixture which was fed from a pump outside on the driveway which eventually soaked down and hopefully has put paid to those awful “critters”.

Orkin Technician - Hanifi
Orkin Technician – Hanifi

Next we were back with NCPM who came to lay cement plugs into the cavity up to the required level for the new frames to sit on.

The carpenter Yilmaş appeared again with a solution to paint onto the exposed concrete of the doorways and the new cement plugs which had been done a few days before so I think the termites will have a hard job of getting through all of this again.   Arrangements were made for Yilmaş to come and fit the new door frames and re-hang the doors in a couple of days time so I started to breathe a sigh of relief as to how well everything was being handled.  An hour or so later I also had a call from Peter at NCPM to confirm the arrangement for the fitting of the door frames.

Yilmas and Ferhat
Carpenters – Yilmaş and Ferhat

Yilmaş and Ferhat arrived with the frames and also my newly painted original doors a couple of days later and they proceeded to fit the frames and hang the doors.  As I had an arrangement away from home from 2pm – 3pm, they completed most of the work then went away for a couple of hours before returning at the agreed time of 3.30pm to finish off the work when I arrived back home.   They did a brilliant job and after having to contend with no internal doors for a week I now have 6 very smart doorways complete with doors at last.  Now everything is completed, it wasn’t as stressful as I thought it might be and I can now get my house back in order with everything back where it belongs.

I cannot speak highly enough of both Orkin Pest Control and their technician and NCPM and their designated carpenter, who all gave excellent service, there were no delays or excuses for not turning up, all of the work was carried out on the arranged days with as little disruption as possible.

If you suspect an infestation of termites I would strongly recommend immediate action, don’t do as I did and try to take the easy option, termites need to be eradicated otherwise the problem will not go away and will get worse the longer it is left untreated.  Check door frames and other wooden items regularly, I know I will be doing this in the future.

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