TRNC News 15th April 2016 – FM Colak attends OIC Summit


Foreign Minister Çolak attends OIC Summit

Foreign Minister Emine Çolak has attended the 13th Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Summit which is being held under the theme of “Unity and Solidarity for Justice and Peace” in İstanbul.

FM Colak - IOC Summit

Within the framework of her contacts in İstanbul, Minister Çolak met with the Foreign Minister of Somali – Abdulsalam H. Omer. During the meeting, Minister Çolak mentioned the Cyprus problem and informed the Foreign Minister of Somali about the latest stage of the Cyprus negotiations.

Akıncı is at the 13th Heads of State and Government Summit of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)

The 13th Heads of State and Government Summit of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) under the theme of “Unity and Solidarity for Justice and Peace” is being held with an intensive participation in İstanbul for the first time.

Bosnia-Herzegovina, the TRNC, the Russian Federation and Thailand took place as observer countries at the summit; whereas Kosovo, Belarus, the Crimean Tatars and the Syrian opposition are among the special guests.

IOC Summit group photo

President Mustafa Akıncı was welcomed by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan before the opening ceremony of the summit. Turkey has taken over the two-year presidency at the summit.

President Erdoğan and the guests had a group photo taken and President Mustafa Akıncı was also in the group photo.

Akıncı: “OIC should remove conditions that limit interaction of the Turkish Cypriot side with the world”

President Mustafa Akıncı stated that the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) should take steps towards lifting the conditions which limit the Turkish Cypriot side’s interaction with the world.

Speaking at the 13th Islamic Summit Conference of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, Akıncı underlined the importance of solidarity in the region. Akıncı also added that as the Turkish Cypriot side, they wish to reach a solution in the island in 2016 and a solution to be reached will bring peace and stability to the region.

Akinci - IOC

President Akıncı also said that as the two leaders are from the same generation, they are working to reach a solution which will be accepted by the two sides mutually and they are aware of the fact that this is the last effort for unification of the island.

In his speech, President Akıncı stressed that while the region and the Islamic world are experiencing very difficult times due to terrorism, denominational differences, armed conflict, and loss of lives, it is very important to come together within the framework of the 13th Islamic Summit Conference with the theme of “Unity and solidarity for justice and peace”.

Erdoğan: “We have to lift the isolation imposed on the TRNC together”

In his speech at the 13th Heads of State and Government Summit of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that OIC should lay further claim to the Muslim community who are struggling for their rights and future in other geographies and Erdoğan added “We have to lift the isolation imposed on the TRNC together”.

Erdogan - lift isolation

In his speech during the summit, President Erdoğan said “If we are not able to give the message as the Islamic world, who will give the message that our brothers in the TRNC are not alone. The common responsibility of all the Muslims is contribution to a permanent and fair settlement in the island.

Turkey report of the European Parliament was accepted

Turkey report of the European Parliament was accepted by 375 votes, 133 refusals and 85 abstentions.

EP Turkey report accepted

In the new Turkey report of the European Parliament (EP), it is stated that the Cyprus issue affected the relationship between Turkey and the EU. That’s why all parties were asked to strive towards a solution. By defending that Turkey should open her ports and airports to the Greek Cypriot side, it is claimed that this situation will significantly strengthen the membership negotiation process.

Turkey’s contribution to the solution process by withdrawing troops and giving Maraş to the UN was requested and also satisfaction was emphasized in the report regarding the development of the on-going negotiations.

In Turkey’s rapporteur of EP Kati Piri’s report, Turkey was praised due to its efforts regarding the refugees. In the report, it was mentioned that Turkey is the only country which hosted the most refugees in the world, offered great humanitarian contributions and granted work permits to Syrian refugees. It was also emphasized that Turkey is providing free health and education opportunities for the refugees and it was underlined that the agreement reached between the EU and Turkey decreased the number of illegal transitions sharply.

Reaction from Bozkır to EP’s Turkey Report

The European Parliament’s (EP) 2015 Turkey progress report released on Thursday is expected to overshadow the closer relations due to its persistent aim to recognize the 1915 Armenian incidents as genocide. Commenting on the report, Turkey’s EU Minister and Chief Negotiator Volkan Bozkır said on Thursday that the report is unacceptable and will be returned unopened.

Volkan Bozkir

Last year’s EP progress report on Turkey was also declared null and void by the government due to its inclusion of the historic 1915 events, which it referred to as the Armenian genocide. Bozkır told the press on Wednesday that Turkey previously warned that the new report would be returned if statements from the previous year were repeated. Regardless of Bozkır’s remarks and ministers of Parliament expressing their disapproval of the draft, the final progress report “calls on Turkey to recognize the Armenian Genocide.”

Bozkır: “The best way for natural gas is Turkey”

In his speech within the framework of his contacts in Vienna, Turkish Minister for EU Affairs and the Chief Negotiator Volkan Bozkır mentioned the Cyprus problem in terms of energy issue and said “Turkey is 40 miles away but Crete is 500 miles away. The best way to transfer the natural gas explored from Cyprus to Europe is Turkey. The energy issue is one of the issues which will help to solve the Cyprus problem”.

Bozkir- natural gas

Expressing that this year, the 27th Anniversary of the removal of the Berlin wall is being celebrated, Bozkır said that walls should not exist in front of the EU membership of Turkey adding that they are ready to cooperate on that issue.

“Water supply and management agreement (approval) resolution was accepted by majority of votes”

The General Council of the Republican Assembly accepted water supply and management agreement (approval) resolution by majority of votes between Turkey and the TRNC.

Water Management

The Resolution was approved by 35 affirmative votes and the 12 deputies did not participate in the vote.

Akıncı to receive Özgürgün tomorrow

President Mustafa Akıncı will receive the leader of the National Unity Party (UBP) Hüseyin Özgürgün tomorrow.

Huseyin Ozgurgun and Mustafa Akinci

Özgürgün who has been assigned by President Mustafa Akıncı to form the new government is expected to submit the new cabinet to the President on Saturday.

The Greek Cypriot daily Cyprus Mail: Turkey report likely to provide election fodder

In its editorial the Cyprus Mail published in South Cyprus, wrote today that the European Parliament approved the progress report on Turkey by a very comfortable majority yesterday.

The article is as follows: “It was carried through by 375 votes in favour, 133 against and 87 abstentions. There was also a reference to Cyprus, which is unlikely to go down very well with our hard-liners.

Cyprus Mail - election fodder

The press release issued by the European Parliament yesterday said the following in relation to the Cyprus talks: “Welcoming the considerable progress made in the Cyprus reunification talks, MEPs pledge support for the evolution of the Republic of Cyprus into ‘a bi-communal, bi-zonal federation with political equality between the two communities and equal opportunities for all its citizens’. They urge both parties to implement all agreed measures without further delay, emphasising that non-settlement of the Cyprus issue affects the development of EU-Turkey relations. The reference to the ‘evolution of the Cyprus Republic’ is certain to be picked up over the next few days by our hard-line deputies, especially as we are in an election campaign during which their tough rhetoric is stepped up. Yesterday’s issue of Simerini, previewing the report had noted that “the windows had been left open so that through reference to ‘evolution’ interpretations of a successor state could be given, that is, for a virgin birth which Turkey has been seeking.” Analysing reports or resolutions and putting the most negative spin possible on them is very predictable as is the failure to put things into perspective and see the bigger picture.

As the release said, “MEPs praise Turkey for hosting the largest refugee population in the world, and note that it remains a ‘key strategic partner for the EU’ but nonetheless call for progress on rule of law and fundamental values.” The report also noted there was ‘regression’ on freedom of expression and the independence of the judiciary and called for progress on rule of law and fundamental values.”

Cyprus Mail also stressed that the report reflected the EU’s dependence on Turkey with regard to tackling the refugee crisis and added that the reference to the need to recognise the Armenian genocide may have angered Ankara, which returned the report, but overall Turkey could not complain about the report.

According to the Cyprus Mail, in this context, the European Parliament’s resolution, voted yesterday and saying that EU-Turkey co-operation on migration “should be uncoupled from the EU accession negotiating process” was little more than wishful thinking. Turkey would never allow this to happen and we in Cyprus should take it into account when analysing Ankara’s relations with Brussels. Leaving aside the grandstanding, if Turkey consistently fulfils its obligations on the refugees over the next few months, the virgin birth will be the least of our worries.

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