December 10, 2022

 By Margaret Sheard…..

One of our acquaintances in the UK, Bob Scott, a Cyprus veteran of the Berkshire Regiment who served in Cyprus in the late 1950’s has Elizabeth IIsent us a poem he has written to celebrate the 90th birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on 21st April.   Bob sent the poem to Buckingham Palace and has received a letter of thanks on behalf of Her Majesty.  This can be viewed by clicking here

Bob has written many poems, mainly with a military theme and he is in the throes of compiling a children’s book, so we wish him well with this venture.

We are showing the poem below which is a lovely tribute for a special birthday.

Poem - picture

3 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth II – 90th Birthday poem by Bob Scott

  1. Well done Bob Scott, man of many talents . You are a marvel indeed ! A lovely poem for her Royal Highness, I am sure she appreciated it on her ninetieth.

  2. Hello Sermen, Thank you for your kind comments, as you can see I did receive a reply from Buckingham Palace, which was my second letter from the Palace, the first was for three pictorial poems last November, I was going to call it a day. But in January all the talk became about celebrating the Queens 90th, so I did what had to be done. Bob.

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