December 10, 2022

By Trevor Hughes……

MOT Testing

The fee for MOT testing has risen to 152.50TL.

Child car seats and cots

The season for thinking about the need for car baby/child seats is fast approaching. The Road Traffic Law here in the TRNC is the same as in the UK. Not only are you putting the life at risk of the child, iChilds Car seatf you do not use them for the infants, the police [if caught] will prosecute the driver and fine you accordingly.

To reserve your child/baby seat call Trevor on 0533 844 3403. Many seats have already been booked, so book early to avoid disappointment. The seat covers are all machine washed and deodorised and checked for safety before hire.

In addition to the child seats, we now offer for hire, baby cots, again the bedding is fully machine washed and tested for safety.

Why take up valuable luggage allowance bringing your own cot/child seat which has now become very expensive to carry on the plane?

Liquid Petroleum [gaz tanks]

The old “chestnut” of having to register your gaz tank with the Authorities has reared its head again. But there are now new rules and requirements that have become effective from 1st February 2016.

Owners of these tanks will not be able to take dGas tank imageelivery of a tank refill if you do not have a certificate of safety and renewed each year. I know what you’re thinking, here we go again, but the number of people being caught out is on the increase. Gaz companies are required to supply Authorities with a person’s details in order for them to chase the matter up and inspect your safety.

Paperwork needed – application form, Kocan/sale agreement, copy of the building permit, original site plan, obtained from the Land Registry in Lefkosa, taking with you a copy of the Kocan/sale agreement.

For properties built after 2010, a copy of the mechanical project, this can be found in the green construction project folder with the original plans relating to the property, the original signed contract with the gaz supplier and finally the receipt for the fire extinguisher.

Cost at the moment :-   per annum

  • 37.25TL for a 500L gas tank
  • 42.00TL for a 1000L gas tank
  • 50.00TL for a 1500L gas tank
  • 54.00TL for a 1750L gas tank

It is possible to ask them to supply you with a one off temporary permit to get you over a low supply, but it will be for one supply only, you must be insistent though.

If you are selling your property, by not having a gaz tank permit could mean the difference between selling your property and not. Estate agents and solicitors undertaking the sale of property process will be asking you for the up-to-date permit before the deal can be concluded. So the likelihood of the new purchaser of your property will be made aware before they part with their hard earned money.

I first informed people some time ago, but some people did not take heed and will now face a larger backlog of fines.

Already a few people have reported they have been refused a gaz tank refill until the owner can produce an up to date permit when the delivery vehicle arrives at their home.

There are moves afoot regarding moving central heating boilers to an outside location.

Watch this space.

GAZ TANK FORMS CAN BE OBTAIN FROM Dağli Sigorta office ın Karaoğlanoğlu Monday to Frıday to 3 pm.or Lambousa market every Saturday mornıng between 8am and 12 noon.

Useful Telephone Numbers – Electricity

If you experience a power failure, try ringing 0392 815 2223 and enquire when the supply will be reinstated, this could speed KIBTEKup your reinstated supply. Sometimes they do not know that the power supply has failed in your area, as in our case!

If you have the need to query your electricity bill, by calling 0392 815 7359, your query will be answered.

Property Insurance

It has come to my notice that there are a number of insurance companies, including some banks, that earthquake cover is no longer included. The reason is because of the cost of insuring your insurance company against such a catastrophic claim, has become exceptionally expensive.

You may wish to check with your chosen iItaly earthquake 20th May 2012 smlnsurance company that earthquake cover has been included [if that is important to you] and ask for the reason, if not.

There are over 600 earth tremors each year, here. Surely you don’t want your property severely damaged because of an earthquake/tremor do you and you’re not insured?

If a policy premium is quite a lot lower than some other companies quote, there must be a reason. Dagli Sigorta takes out full insurance protection against this type of disaster.

Medical Matters

I have often suggested that people who need an operation, or whatever, to get at least two quotations.

One of our readers needed the expertise of an orthopaedic consultant. He paid for an MRI scan to ascertain why he needed a suggested operation. When speaking to the consultant he was advised that tMRI machinehe MRI would be better to be undertaken under general anaesthetic.

He went to one of the largest private hospitals here and was informed that the treatment would cost 10,000TL. When he said he was entitled to a discount by being a member of one of the societies here, the doctor informed him the operation was normally 14,000TL, but due to his membership it came down to 10,000TL. Upon viewing his ex-ray, the consultant said he needed a more extensive operation which would now cost between 30,000 – 35,000TL. Later that day the first hospital called and informed the patient that the operation would now cost between 40.000 – 45,000TL.

The reader decided to seek a second consultation at an alternative hospital. The outcome was that he did not require treatment as diagnosed at the first consultation and to treat the ailment at the second hospital would cost 6,000 TL.

Guess which treatment he chose?

How often have I suggested that you should seek a second medical cost quotation? Expats here are a source of finance and hospitals, unlike the UK, need to make profit to survive.


Bayram Holidays

April 23 – Turkish National Sovereignty and Children’s Day

All over Turkey and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus the day is celebrated along with vast ceremonies and performances. April 23rd is in accordance with Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, dedicated to the children of the country to emphasize that they represent the future of the new nation. It was on April 23rd 1920, during the War of Independence, that the Grand National Assembly was established in Ankara and subsequently laid on the foundations for a new, independent, secular, and modern republic from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire.

To celebrate this occasion, all Government, local Government offices, banks and some shops in the TRNC will be closed on Friday 22.4.16

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