North Cyprus Gas Tank Permits

North Cyprus Gas Tank Permits

The following information was posted as a topic on North Cyprus Forum and in the spirit of  sharing information between cyprusscene and North Cyprus Forum we are replicating it below.

Message from member Art, on North Cyprus…….

“Please be aware that Intergas have been instructed by the government not to deliver gas to customers who do not have a gas propane_tank[1]tank permit.

Fortunately we do have a gas tank permit but it was not easy to get one.

The fire department and police inspected the position of our gas tank and it cost us 2500TL to move it to a safer spot in the garden. The entire process took 6 months to complete.

Seems the government are taking a hard line now.”

NOTE: Gas tanks were a previous subject of tips from Trevor Hughes which you can read by clicking here and clearly if you have a fixed gas tank, you should ensure this is registered and sited in the correct location if you want your supplier to refill your gas tank.






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