December 8, 2022

Vic Chappell – Rest in Peace

By Margaret Sheard…..

We were devastated to hear the news that Vic Chappell, despite his battle against cancer, sadly passed away on 9th March as a result of a heart attack.  Vic Chappell 300A massive blow for Maria who had every hope that the chemotherapy would be successful in Vic’s battle with cancer.

In all of Maria’s numerous events for her passion for the street dogs and cats of North Cyprus, Vic would always be there to give her support, a quiet and unassuming man who was always there for her and most of us will have seen how much Vic loved his dogs and the many strays they have fostered over the past few years in Maria’s quest to re-home them.

Being in the UK at the moment we were unable to attend Vic’s funeral today, 14th March at Lapta Cemetery but our thoughts are with Maria on this very sad occasion.

Rest in Peace Vic


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