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Trevor’s Tips – March 2016

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By Trevor Hughes……


Mary [my wife] had a cataract operation done last month, and “boy” has it made a difference. For the first time in over 50 years she is no longer dependant on glasses or contact lenses. She only needs a pair of “ready readers” purchased from the pound shop and a non prescription pair of sunglasses to wear now and again!!

She is going back next month to have the other cataract done and she can’t wait.

The cost, only 2000TL per eye, far cheaper than the  UK, with the added benefit of a local facility where she can go, should she need post consultation at anytime. The procedure was done within a month, unlike waiting for an appointment in the UK for months on end with the possibility of having the appointment rescheduled time and time again. The cataract operation was done at the Etik Hospital in Lefkosa and only took 20 minutes to complete.

The doctors name is Dr Mustafa Guvenir and his surgery is opposite the State Hospital in Lefkosa. Telephone number 0392 223 4041, or you can email him on   should you wish to make an appointment.

Car Documents

I needed to attend yet another road traffic accident last month. The police were called and requested they view all the car related documents, of both drivers. Fortunately, the driver took my recommendation and had photo copies of all of them and duly handed them over (which were accepted by the police). Having the copies to hand, the garage took possession and duly processed them to the guilty party insurance company. This speeded up the repair and was authorised within days. Well done that driver!!

Driving Licence

If you are applying for a TRNC driving licence for the first time, you do not need a Temporary Residence stamp in your passport any longer. You can also apply for a licence for up to a 10 year period, if you so wish.

All necessary documents remain the same as before. Don’t forget to take photocopies of the photo page of your passport and a copy of your current driving licence and of course two recent photographs of yourself.

The benefit of having a TRNC is twofold. Firstly it is Law here that if you intend driving over here, after a total of TRNC Driving Licence specimen90 days in any one year you must hold a valid TRNC driving licence. The second benefit, if you are involved in a road traffic accident, the police could confiscate your licence for a period of time. If this period of time coincides with your trip to the UK for example and you have the need to hire a car, or intend to drive over there, if you do not have a licence because the police over here have confiscated it, bang goes your mobility.

A  TRNC driving licence also circumnavigates  the need to apply for a UK driving licence every 3 years when you have reached the grand old age of 70 years plus.

Directions to the driving licence office are as follows:

Driving from Girne, go straight over the Gonyeli roundabout, carry on over the next island and follow the road all the way to the next island which has a fancy chevron on it. Go straight over the island, keep on the left hand side of the road and about 50 meters on there is a Sun Taxi company on the right which is next to the Koop Bank, on the left. You have found the driving licence office!!

White Card (permanent residence) TRNC New White Card

Having attended a number of meetings at the Interior Ministry with Chris Elliott from, to ask questions and gain information regarding the new TRNC White Card. Chris published and shared the article in many social media pages and websites so the maximum number of expatriates of whatever nationality residing or visiting the TRNC, could be made aware of the facts rather than hearsay.

Russian friends of were planning the translation of information into Russian so that many more expatriates would understand the facts.

White card

The article was firstly published on which received an incredible amount of readings. Many questions were sent as messages or comments and these were all answered directly and added to the foot of the article to further assist other readers wanting information. Click here to view.

A number of recurring questions have been asked and we have consulted with the Interior Ministry and can confirm the following:

  1. The cost of the White Card is now 1000TL, reduced from the initial cost of 2000 T L, as reported in our previous article. Click here  
  2. As previously reported, the over 60‘s must have three continuous yearly Temporary Residency permit stamps prior to the application, or applications will not be considered.
  3. As reported, the under 60’s must have five continuous yearly Temporary Residency permit stamps prior to the application, or applications will not be considered

Note. If you have missed a year or two in renewing your Temporary Residency, you must start all over again and apply for temporary permits for three or five years before your application can be considered

  1. You must have current and active Health Insurance, which will be checked every two years, ensuring that your health insurance has not lapsed. We are waiting to have a meeting with the Health Ministry to obtain details of their scheme to run in conjunction with the White Card scheme.
  2. Applications made now and meeting the White Card criteria will result in white cards being issued in a few months time, when final details and issues has been agreed and arrangements made.
  3. As previously reported, property owners with properties to the value of no less than Euros 125,000 in value can apply. This is the value declared by you at the Tapu Office when paying your Property Tax. This value will be checked by the Immigration Department when the Permanent Residence (White Card) application is being processed. If you have had your property extended, adding value to it, you can go to the Tapu Office for a re-evaluation. If the Tapu Office considers the new value of your property is no less than euro’s 125,000, this part of your application will satisfy the current criteria. With the extra value being declared, there is no additional tax to pay.
  4. Persons who do not own a property here cannot apply for a Permanent Residence (White Card)

Present White Card  Holders

If you held a white card before 2008, you have no need to do anything as this Permanent Residency is valid and granted under previous Law.

For those holding Permanent Residency permits issued after 2008, there will be a need to have the permit updated and holders will be contacted by the Interior Ministry requesting them to apply for a new permit.

All this information has been checked by the Ministry and is correct at time of press.

Spring Time ClocksClock

Clocks go forward 1 hour on 27th March 2016  at 2am

DHL Offices

DHL Express for passportsPlease note: the facility for posting correspondence/parcels through the DHL system is no longer available from the Cafe Boss restaurant in Girne. The facility is now at the Food Lodge in Catalkoy.

Mothering Sunday

Mothersday flowersMothering Sunday this year is March the 6th. Don’t forget her, she has been more supportive to you than you can ever imagine.

Bayram Holidays

There are no Bayram holidays this month.

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  1. As UK resident I have to say cataract operations are free, No great waiting times. I have had both eyes done prior to corneal transplants. Birmingham Eye Hosp is fine and glad I was able to have surgery in UK. Still having check-ups so vists to TRNC have to be arranged round my HOsp visits

  2. Lynda, had lenses replaced here in the TRNC £800 per eye. No more glasses, contact lenses And cataracts will be a thing of the past.

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