May 31, 2023


 Lambousa Auction House,


Come along on Friday the 26th February from 10.00am to 3.00pm to view the latest goodies to go under the Lambousa Aution Houseauctioneer’s hammer!

The auction starts at the Lambousa Auction House at 1.00pm on Saturday 27th February although you can still go along in the morning to find that something special you may want to bid for.

If you use Facebook, click here to see some of the articles that are to be auctioned that weekend.

2 thoughts on “North Cyprus – Auction at Lambousa Auction House on February 27th 2016

  1. The best you find at the Lambousa Auction House makes for a good entertainment afternoon as well for tourists to visit a the best in North Cyprus for souvenirs to take home so they can remember us and hopefully, come back again.

    1. Thank you John for those few kind words about one of the Treasures of North Cyprus which includes the hotels you built “The Celebrity” and Chateau Lambousa.

      If he was still alive from those ages past, King Praxander would be delighted with the legends of Lambousa’s glory continuing.

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