December 8, 2023

Armchair Film Viewing 

A touch of opulent luxury!


By Peter Wills…… 

If you are a film buff and prefer the big screen to the TV screen then the new Starlux Cinema in Karaoĝlanoĝlu is the place to go and it’s open 7 days a week.

Featuring the latest sound and screen technology, it has three of the most luxurious salons and another two will open shortly.  Plus there’s a restaurant and snack bar; the obligatory pop-corn station and you can buy chocolate, sweets, ice-cream and drinks all of which you can take into the cinemas with you.

Starlux 1

Then for families, there are soft-play areas both inside and out and a cartoon/animation salon, just for the kids.

The owners plan to provide entertainment for the whole family and the selection of films is just as diverse.  Apart from the big block-buster movies that are of interest to all nationalities, plans are in place to stage festivals of English and Russian films along with those from other countries where there is a strong nucleus of ex-pats resident in the TRNC.

The cinema complex is also equipped to show the latest movies in 3D, the most recent of which was Starwars and I am reliably informed that if you were in the audience you actually felt as if you were in the film!

Starlux 3

Cyprusscene is planning to publish a weekly feature showing details of upcoming movies, particularly those in English, along with showing times.  Admission is generally 26TL per person with an extra 3TL if the movie is in 3D.  And you can even book in advance by telephoning 0392 4443777, but bear in mind that reservations are automatically cancelled 30 minutes before the scheduled showing time, so make sure you arrive early. There’s a large car park at the rear of the cinema.

For more information please visit Starlux Cinema by clicking here or their Facebook click here

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