Moldova And Transnistria Committee Visited Creditwest Bank


The committee invited by GAU from Moldova and Transnistria paid a visit to Creditwest Bank and acquired information about the financial sector of North Cyprus.

The committee, including the director of the European Business Association, the directors from Moldova Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the project coordinator of UNDP Moldova and numerous senior officials came to the TRNC from Moldova under the program financed by Girne American University, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the EU to be closely acquainted with the banking and finance sector in North Cyprus, and also visited Creditwest Bank.


Comprehensive information regarding the financial sector was provided by Creditwest Bank during the visit that was held with the participation of Olga Sainciuc from the Association of Aid; Vladimir Didilica the director of foreign relations of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Mihai Frecatel from the Business Development Association; Mariana Rufa from the European Business Association; Liviu Andriuta the director of New Generation Association; Elena Bobkova from New Generation Association; Vitaliy Yankovskiy the director of the Regional Development Committee; Ruslan Slobodenyuk from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Evghenya Evstigneeva from the Business Development Association; Vasile Cojan the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Galina Popik from Intereconom Service Company; Igor Gorashov, International Trust and Development Expert and Angela Frunze the UNDP Project Coordinator.


The Deputy General Manager responsible for Treasury, Foreign Trade and Marketing, Mr. Mazhar Zaheer provided comprehensive information on the financial sector and stated that Cyprus is the safest investment zone of the Eastern Mediterranean. Zaheer, also underlined the significant advantages of North Cyprus regarding the tourism, education and financial sectors and the importance of using these advantages strategically to develop the economy of North Cyprus.

The Deputy General Manager responsible for Treasury, Foreign Trade and Marketing, Mr. Mazhar Zaheer expressed that one of the most important issues regarding investment is the commercial legal infrastructure, and especially in North Cyprus, there are many things to be done in this respect. Mr. Zaheer indicated the need for opportunities and incentives which will attract foreign investors to our country in terms of establishing, merging and liquidating companies.

Finally, Mr. Zaheer stated that; as Creditwest Bank, they always keep their doors open for investors, and as the senior management, evaluate the new projects with enthusiasm.

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