TRNC Police General Directorate – Fight against Speeders

TRNC Police General Directorate

Fight against Speeders

A Police patrol car installed with a mobile speed camera has taken to the roads today.

PolicecarAccording to a written statement issued by the Police General Directorate, as of today a police vehicle fitted with mobile speed camera will be out on roads in a bid to prevent the leading cause of accidents, speeding.

The statement warned drivers to stick to the speed limits.

Explaining that the speed camera project had been launched in 2006 and that 8 police cars with mobile speed cameras will be brought into service as part of the project, the statement noted that thanks to the contributions of the Communications Ministry a police patrol car fitted with a mobile speed camera had completed its test phase and had begun its duty today.

The police vehicle is able to detect and take photos of cars that are speeding while the vehicle itself is parked or moving.

As of today the police vehicle will be patrolling streets and main roads where traffic is busy.

Fines will be issued to those who do not abide by the speed limits the statement noted.

Source: BRT World News

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