March 21, 2023

Jamie (the Man in Black) Guitar Clubs

By Chris Elliott……

These past weeks we have seen the passing of so many musical heroes from our youthful days and we may have followed them in our younger years but understanding what they felt about their music is hard to know.

Playing music, is it a gift or skill learned over a long period? For sure there are far more musicians who learn and develop their skills throughout a lifetime. Practice makes perfect is the saying.

Jamies Guitar Club strummers

So what of playing an instrument. Well, many years ago as a adolescent I acquired an old guitar and lost interest in it very quickly and perhaps that was fate that I was not a potential musician.

For me it was very refreshing to follow up on a visit I made to The Lodge Çatalköy to see Jamie (the Man in Black) with students at his guitar club but because I was making a video I was not receptive to the intensity of effort of his individual students in playing their guitars under Jamie’s direction.

This past week I went to another of Jamie’s clubs at the Baroosh Bar in Alsancak and this time I sat within a group of budding musicians and watched them as they experimented with the tasks set by Jamie.

Jamies Guitar Club strummers 2

Sure some of them had less experience than others but with a tutor of Jamie’s class, given they bite the bit and persevere they will all develop further which sadly I did not because I had no teacher or even books on how to play a guitar.  Jamie seems to inspire his students with his charisma and hands-on tuition.

For those local readers who would like to learn to play Guitar do visit Jamie’s Facebook page click here and website click here or email him on and he will tell you more of his 3 clubs at The Lodge and SeAngle Bar in Çatalköy and Baroosh Bar in Alsancak.

Jamie the Man in Black

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