May 31, 2023

End of the Cold Front

Warmer Weather set for Friday

ThermometerTemperatures throughout the island will begin to climb gradually as of Friday, effectively ending the freezing cold that has gripped the island lately.

According to the Meteorological Services’ official forecast temperatures starting as of today are expected to reach 13°C inland, 15°C on the coasts and 3°C in the mountains.

Temperatures are then expected to begin to rise noticeably tomorrow and Saturday, although, according to the forecast, isolated showers may make a return on Sunday.

The cold spell from Northern Europe which started at the beginning of the week had brought unusually cold temperatures for this time of the year with night time temperatures dropping well below zero to -2°C inland, around 5°C on the coasts and -4°C in the mountains.

Frost also hit low laying areas effecting farmers and producers.

Source: BRT World News

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