November 30, 2023

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)

Funeral of Pat Burns

by Ralph Kratzer

P1010592He was a man with different talents. In my garden, stands – for many years now – an iron sculpture made by Pat, a butler holding a serving tray. Together with his wife Kate he created many such artefacts over the last few years. Hence the name Iron Man Arts for their small business. If you would like to see pictures of his artworks – click here.

But Pat could do much more. The bonnet of my car is decorated with one of his airbrush paintings, and when I once again had terrible back pain some time ago, he was the one who eased it with a number of professional massages.

He also engraved and sandblasted glass and mirrors, built furniture…. I can´t remember what other skills he had.

And last but not least, I always loved to be invited by the couple for a late lunch or dinner to their cosy house in Karsiyaka because Pat was an excellent chef as well.

P1030658Now we had to carry him to the grave a week ago. He had just recently celebrated his 50th birthday.

A lot of mourners – relatives, friends and acquaintances – came to the Lapta cemetery last Friday to pay tribute and their last respects to the deceased.

The mourning ceremony was led by Keith Lloyd.

After two touching eulogies, Pat´s wife Kate, his father, his sister and all the other relatives and friends present took leave of him at the grave.

At the subsequent get-together at the Sardunya Beach Bar, despite the sad occasion there was a lot of chatting and laughing and everybody had a last drink in memory of Pat. I am absolutely sure he himself would have liked that.

Farewell, my friend! Rest in peace!

P.S. Nearly 1,500 TL funds was raised during and after the funeral in aid of Help those with Cancer Association (Tulips). Thanks a lot to the donators!

1 thought on “The Foreign Residents (TFR) – Funeral of Pat Burns

  1. Pat gave me a lot of useful information about the TRNC wen I met him at the silver rocks some 5 years ago.

    I have seen him many times since wen I return to Lapta , we always chatted and I found him helpful and freindly .

    I will miss him the next time I return whether its at silver rocks Sardunya bay or Jessics.

    My condolences Kate .

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