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KAR plea regarding Girne Municipality Temporary Dog Shelter

KAR plea regarding Girne Municipality Temporary Dog Shelter


We have received the following plea from Margaret Ray, the Chairperson of Kyrenia Animal Rescue – KAR asking that we share this with our readers.

“Thank you for all of the telephone calls and worried enquiries that we have received about the Girne town dogs.

This is what KAR have established so far :

The dogs were removed from 2 main areas – near the Round Tower and from the top of Girne centre. 15 dogs were taken away on the instruction of Girne Belediyesi. There was no consultation with KAR (who were totally unaware of this situation until yesterday) or any other Animal Welfare Group.

The dogs have been taken to an area that is extremely difficult to find and without a 4 wheel drive, in parts nigh on impossible to access. The directions are – coming down to Girne, on the main Lefkosa – Girne road, past the St Hilarion turning and before the 1st big bend in the road there is a dirt track to the left going up the mountain – the “site” is quite a long way up that track and is in fact a disused water depot. 

Girne temporary dog shelter kar pictures

There is a Belediyesi sign on the locked gates to the effect of “Temporary Dog Shelter”. The Belediyesi have provided NO kenneling or shelter for the dogs. The shelters that you can see in the photos were provided by the Girne buffe owner who is so very upset about the dogs’ removal. He had been caring for some of these dogs for ages. Following discussions with the Belediyesi they agreed that he could go to the “site” with them to see the dogs. They let him put the beds and kennels that were in town (that he had built) in the “site” for the dogs. However due to the location of this “site” there is no shelter from the wind, cold and driving rain. The buffe owner has tried to position the beds as best he can but they offer little protection. 

Girne temporary dog shelter kar pictures 1

The site is fenced and locked – there are no staff working there – the dogs are on their own. Due to the forced move and the amalgamation of the various dogs – who were not all part of the same group – it has been noticed that fighting amongst them has already begun.

KAR are attempting to communicate with the Belediyesi regarding the dogs’ removal and the conditions that they have been put in. We urge concerned members of the public to contact Girne Beledeyesi direct to voice their concerns. The contact number is 0392 8152118″

Girne Municipality Temporary Dog Shelter Picture courtesy of KAR

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  1. Update from Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR)

    On behalf of everyone at KAR, and more importantly the Kyrenia town dogs, THANK YOU everyone (individuals, groups and organisations) who have voiced their concerns, in whatever way, about the recent situation.

    Whilst it is very early stages there has been ongoing intensive discussions/liaisons between KAR and Girne Belediyesi. As a result of this there has been some developments. The KAR Community Warden and colleague from Girne Belediyesi are going up to the “site” this morning. It has been agreed that some of the dogs can be returned to Girne town – today.

    We will keep people updated as/when we can – we hope that you can all appreciate that we are trying our best and everything needs to be done in conjunction with the authorities.