May 31, 2023

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KIB-TEK announces power cuts

due to fuel shortages

Electricity_2The Cyprus Turkish Electricity Authority has announced that the TRNC will experience periodic and mandatory power cuts after a decision by AKSA to shut down its power plants citing fuel shortages.

The shortage emerged after fuel oil purchased by AKSA was prevented from entering the country on grounds that it did not meet new requirements that came into force as of the 1st of January.

According to the announcement, the electricity authority will be supplying electricity to consumers periodically starting at 4pm today.

No electricityThe statement added that there will be no power cuts between 12am and 6am and each power cut will not last longer than an hour.

Meanwhile, authorities are working to find a solution to the problem which emerged after a decision by the Council of Ministers to ban the entry of fuel oil into the country with sulphur content higher than 1%.

AKSA said earlier that it was shutting down its generators due to fuel shortages experienced at its facility after authorities prevented the company’s latest shipment of fuel oil from entering the TRNC on grounds that it did not meet criteria.

In addition to the situation with AKSA, the main turbine at the Teknecik Power Plant is undergoing maintenance which has also lowered energy production in the TRNC.

Source: BRT World News

4 thoughts on “KIB-TEK announces power cuts due to fuel shortages

  1. This reminds me of the TRNC when holidaying in the 90s – nothing changes though this time it may help if ALL subscribers paid their bills 😎

    1. A great deal has changed Tony sinece you left TRNC with remote electronic meter readings. Its not uncommon for bills to be sent by email, mobile messages and up to December, paper bills in post boxes.

      Another aspect of change is that we are due to experience power cuts today partly because recent supplies of fuel oil was rejected because it did not have minimum 1% of sulphur content. TRNC is trying to go green!

      Those people that live hear are seeing many changes including the Jack the Lads who try to avoid paying their way just like the do in other countries.

  2. This company should have been burning this cleaner fuel in July 2015 but they got a 6 month reprieve from the Government to continue burning the toxic fuel, so they have had 6 months to organise this but obviously felt they were above the law and could do as they pleased. Now we suffer because if their arrogance and incompetence. The sooner these clowns are privatised the better.

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