February 5, 2023

Starling Supermarket plays Santa‏

to Special Needs Children


By Mary Watson……
Little Society of Kyrenia……

If you want a fun day, there is nothing quite like the surprise of Father Christmas with a sack full of toys.

And this is what happened on Monday 28th December 2015 for 31 children from the Lefkosa Special Needs School. Thanks to a donation from Demetra George Mustafoglu and her team, who raised funds at their recent “Concert Without Borders” event, the children enjoyed a fabulous lunch at the Ezic Premier Restaurant together with their parents and siblings. Lunch was followed by a few games and then the whole group set off for the Ada Hotel where they spent the night. For children who have few treats in their lives, this was something special.

But, there is no doubt, that a visit from Father Christmas was the highlight of their day. Although Christmas is celebrated more by expatriots in Northern Cyprus the local children were really excited by this funny man in the odd clothes and they wanted to sit on his lap and have their photos taken, and they loved the presents.

Starling Supermarket plays Santa picture

All of this is thanks to Starling Supermarkets who supplied the toys. In November they approached the Little Society of Kyrenia and offered to give toys to children who would really appreciate them.

LSOK immediately decided on Special Needs Schools and in the next few days we will be delivering more toys to the Special Needs Schools in Girne, Ziyamet and Yesilyurt. It will be great to see the smiles on their faces as they collect their gifts.

Figen Rasmussen front centre (Concert Without Borders group) with Father Christmas the children and their parents and helpers.

Starling Supermarket plays Santa (7)

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