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Trevor’s Tips – January 2016

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By Trevor Hughes……

Vehicle Log Books

When taking your vehicle for its three yearly TRNC Vehicle Log BookMOT, make sure you take the original log book and the old MOT certificate with you and not a copy. Some of the testing staff will only MOT test the vehicle when the original document is handed over to them.

Driving Licence Renewal

The new system for renewing your TRNC driving licence has come into effect. You can now apply for a licence renewal for up to a 10 year period.

The scale of charges is as follows:-

1 Year 145 T LUK Driving licence

2 Years 210 T L

3 Years 285 T L

5 Years 430 T L

10 Years 710 T L

Whether or not you hold a current Temporary Residence permit you do not need a Muhtars letter as part of the application process. All you need is the completed form which you can pick up from Dagli Sigorta offices in Karaoglanoglu.

Your passport and a photo copy of the photo page.

Two recent photographs of yourself.

And finally, the appropriate amount of money.

The system for making a renewal application remains the same.

If you decide a 10 year licence is for you, it will save 25.27% under the new system.

Garden Rubbish                              

Lapta Belediyesi has a new system in place for collecting garden rubbish from their residents’ home. The old system of collecting the garden rubbish was only a gesture of goodwill and not part of their official service!!

If you need rubbish removed, you will now Skipneed to ring them and order a skip. The skip will arrive within 24/48 hours from ordering, at a cost of 50 TL plus KDV tax. You can only keep the skip for a maximum of 48 hours. Failure to comply and you will be fined 178TL. You might want to check with the Belediyesi in your area to see if they have this system in operation.

A neighbour of ours trıed the new system whıch was flawless. Well done our Lapta Belediyesi.

Heat Powered Stove Fan

Earlier this year we purchased  a “heat powered stove fan”. It has been designed with the sole purpose of efficiently circulating heat generated by your log burner

The temperature difference between the top of the fan and the top of the log burner allows the fan to generate its own electricity which means the stove fan requires no batteries or mains electricity.

Once the fan blades start rotating, it blows heat into your room [a bit like a fan assisted oven]. The temperature in our lounge rose by 4 degrees centigrade, making the lounge really pleasant and warm to sit in, at no extra cost, you could also use up to 14% less logs, as a bonus. These fans are designed to sit on the top of the log burner and will not be fully effective for burners fitted into a fire place or wall.

It cost us only £9.00 and was certainly worth the investment

To see one for yourself go on line at or Amazon.


What is Probate?

Probate is a legal document. Receipt of probate is the first step in the legal process of administering the estate of a deceased person, resolving all claims and distributing the deceased person’s property under a Will.

Thinking about the length of time it takes for your estate to go through the probate system before it comes to a satisfactory Gavel and hammer imageconclusion here, there is a way of circumventing the system legally, thus saving time, money and a lot of frustration.

This way may not be for you, because sometimes relationships between you and your nominated person can breakdown at sometime in the future, thus causing problems. It’s all about trust.


The way to avoid paying high taxes on settling your estate when you die is for you to firstly transfer your title deeds [if you have them] and all your possessions to a member of your family or a nominated trusted person, before you die. By way of probability they should outlive you due to the fact that he/she is younger than you, but there’s no guarantee.

If property is involved, before you start the process, the nominated person will need to obtain a  UK criminal record [CRB] report from the police authorities over there. With your help they can then start Homemaking an application for the title deeds to be transferred from you to them.

To safeguard your interests, he/she must have a new Will written, transferring all the newly acquired assets back to you if they die before you and the Will registered at the Courts here. The person needs to apply for “Permission to Purchase” [PCP] to the Authorities, for permission to be granted.

To protect you and your interests, the nominated person would need to make you Power of Attorney, if they die before you. If this happens, all your worldly goods will be transferred back to you, if it has been written in their Will.

This way will ensure that you’re not left without anywhere to live.

There is no need to have a rental agreement because you don’t need one.

The maximum tax you will be charged is 1000TL. The cost of a PTP application is from £250.00. A new Will to be written is approximately £100.00. Finally, £100.00 for a letter confirming that in the event of the nominated person dying before you, that you will act as the official Power of Attorney to transfer the items back to you.

Once the person has been granted Permission to Purchase, the final stages will only take a short period of time to complete. Please see a solicitor or Pembe at Citizens Advice Cyprus to ensure you know all the facts and that this process is for you.

THINK BEFORE YOU LEAP. Don’t enter into any formal/legal agreement until you have spoken to someone qualified to give you such advice. Get it wrong and it could be the worst decision of your life and there’s no going back. ALWAYS ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS


To avoid your car being taken into probate, all you have to do is ask the nominated person [who is to be the new owner of the vehicle] to go with you and transfer ownership of said vehicle and take them through the same procedure as selling a car here.

He/she will then need to register the vehicle in the new owners name at the Vehicle Licensing Office in Lefkosa. Remember Classic Carsthere is nothing stopping the new owner of the vehicle selling it at any time in the future should they so wish once they have become the new owner.

Finally, speak to your insurance company when making any changes on the insurance policy making it legal for you to drive the vehicle. Dagli Sigorta makes no charge for this service for their customers, unlike many of their competitors who do charge. The new policy will be in the new owners name and you and your wife/husband/partner named on the insurance policy as nominated drivers to legally drive the vehicle. Remember, the new owners can, if they wish, have their insurance policy for any driver and again all will be legal.


All you need to do is go into your bank with your nominated person, together with his/her passport and get the bank to include the additional name on your account[s]. Job done! Money can then be transferred to him/her without any difficulty.

Again can I suggest you speak to someone in the legal profession before you embark on this course of action?


The drawback is, if you wish to sell the property at sometime in the future i.e. wishing to down size, move to an alternative area or whatever, you are at the mercy of the person to whom you have handed over your property.


I know that this is not applicable here, but if you spend time at your property in the UK, or you have relatives there, this may be of interest to you

If you’re fed up of being forced to give a phone number when filling in a form online to complete your purchase and then Telephonebeing badgered by nuisance cold calls, this just maybe the answer.

Often when you buy things online you are required to enter your personal details including a phone number when you check out.

There’s usually a chance to tick the box that says not to pass on your details to third parties, but somehow your number ends up in the hands of cold callers.

Instead of putting in your own mobile or landline phone number and potentially opening yourself up to a raft of cold callers, instead simply enter the number 0333 88 88 88 88. This diverts the cold caller to the free call blocking firm “Truecall38”. This means that whoever is calling will get a message saying: Truecall38 is handling my calls. I prefer not to be contacted by phone, so please contact me via my email address.’  Sometimes we order goods on line which are to be delivered to a friend’s home in the UK awaiting your collection and you need to give out their phone number to complete the transaction. Maybe you should protect them from nuisance calls?

Why not pass this on to your friends and family there it could be quite useful to them.


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MM, MN, MP, MR, 01.12.2016 07.12.2016

Bayram Holidays

The first of January every year is a State Bayram holiday. Government Offices, Local Government offices, Banks and many shops will be closed for the day to celebrate the New Year.




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