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Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips) event – Prosecco and Cake Party

Prosecco and Cake Party

in aid of Tulips


By Carole King and Sue Tilt….

We were told about an unusual Tulips fundraiser which came about when Barbara and Jeff Osborne invited a handful of friends to a Prosecco and Cake Party one afternoon.  It proved to be a very successful afternoon and they decided that it would be a great idea to run one of these in aid of Tulips/HTWCA.


Enjoying the event

So, on Friday 11th December approximately 35 people turned up at Barbara and Jeff’s beautiful house eagerly looking forward to the treats to follow.  Everyone willing paid their 20TL, in return they each received a glass of Prosecco and as many of the delightful looking cakes as they could possibly eat!  15tl of each entrance fee was donated to Tulips and in addition anyone wishing to indulge in further glasses of Prosecco could do so for an extra charge of 10tl per glass.


Jeff Osborne in charge of the Prosecco

The Prosecco was carefully guarded and monitored by Jeff Osborne, so no cheating was allowed!

The whole event raised a fantastic 1,800TL.


Prosecco and Cake Party in aid of Tulips

Both Barbara and Jeff are looking forward to organising another Prosecco and Cake party in May when the weather is warmer and everyone can sit outside.  Details will be announced a little nearer the time.

Incidentally the day also coincided with Becky Gale’s birthday, hence the birthday cake you see in the picture.

Prosecco and Cake Party

Tulips would like to say a huge thank you to Barbara and Jeff for coming up with such a novel way to raise so much money and to everyone who donated a cake and to those who came along to drink, eat and be merry and who are now all waiting for the next one!

Carole and Sue