May 30, 2023

Project of the Century

Dispute on Pipeline Water

Management goes on

Water ProjectTurkish State Hydraulic Works DSİ has made official its request to manage the water that is being transferred from Turkey to the TRNC.

In a statement to the Anatolian News Agency Turkish Minister Veysel Eroğlu said that DSİ wanted to manage the water as it had invested a great deal of time into the project and that they had more experience.

The Turkish Minister for Forestry and Water Works Veysel Eroğlu said that DSİ has made its request official on the 1st of December to TRNC officials during their visit to the country with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu.

Noting that TRNC officials have yet to make a final decision on the issue, Mr. Eroğlu said that the issue would be taken up during Prime Minister Ömer Kalyoncu’s visit to Ankara next week.

‘It is very difficult to manage the water and expertise is needed. The DSİ should manage the water for some time and continue to invest in the area so that everything is running smoothly’ said Mr. Eroğlu.

Serdar DenktaşThe leader of the Democrat Party National Forces Serdar Denktaş referred to the management of the water that is coming from Turkey and said if need be the water could be jointly managed by a special partnership with the state.

He referred to the proposal made by the Turkish State Hydraulic Works DSİ to manage the water until all problems are solved with the system; Mr. Denktaş said that he could see that the TRNC had rejected the offer.

‘A state-private partnership could overcome this dilemma’ said Denktaş and added that instead of municipalities losing revenue they would actually be gaining revenue.

Water Project_4He said when preparing such an agreement the municipality workers should be included in the agreement.

Meanwhile statements by 4 municipalities have been made regarding the management of the water that is coming from Turkey.

The Gazimağusa, Beyarmudu, Paşaköy and Vadili Municipality Mayors have announced they want the management of the water to be solved between TRNC and Turkey officials and added that if necessary they will sever ties with the TRNC Water and Sewerage Company BESKİ.

Source: BRT World News

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  1. An agreement was signed in 2012, I believe so why cannot the government of TRNC just get on with it. We all know the reason why certain people want to manage (I use the term with tongue in cheek) the new network and it has nothing to do with efficiency.

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