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Trevor’s Tips – December 2015

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By Trevor Hughes……

Wrong Fuel Filling

Recently, one of Dagli Sigorta customers had the wrong fuel put into their fuel tank by a petrol station. The vehicle was retrieved and repaired without too much trouble. Fortunately Fuel pumpthe customer kept back the fuel receipt as proof and with the help of the CCTV camera [which was in operation] it was proved who was at fault and liable.

Petrol stations are insured against this stupidity, because it happens all too often here. The moral of the story is to keep hold of the receipt for 24 hours just in case this happens to you!!!!

Don’t rely on the colour coding of the petrol dispensers, there is no uniformity here as in the UK, yellow is not necessarily the diesel dispenser.

Child Cots

Thinking ahead, because of their popularity, cots for hire from Dağlı Sigorta proved so popular this year, their hire out stripped demand.

For as little as 10TL per day you can save all the space taken up in your suitcase bringing the linen over and runsleeping childning the risk of the airline losing the frame during transportation in the hold.sleeping child

Our cot beds are longer and wider than standard cots. Their main advantage is that they can be converted into a junior bed if your toddler has outgrown his/her cot. They do not have drop sides and have their own mattresses and bed linen, if required.

Cots and linen are fully checked for safety and disinfected before the next use. Bed linen is machine washed after every use and disinfected before it is next used.

Hearing Aids

I would like to let you know about the two new hearing aid series that have just been released for purchase. These aids are the very latest available and still cheaper here than in the UK [assuming you can get one!!] If you could get a hearing aid on theHearing aids NHS, in all probability they Hearing aidswill only supply one. If anything goes wrong with the aid you would have to go back to the UK for repair. The cost of flying over will outstrip the cost of these aids.

If your hearing changes, you may also need to go back to the UK for re-testing. Whereas here, you can just pop over to Lefkoşa and at no cost have the aid re-programmed. The supplier is still very happy to continue with the 15% discount for Dağlı Sigorta customers;

The Aids available are:-

Widex Vital

Digital Hearing aids from Slight to Severe Hearing Losses
Most recent technology with Low prices (Best Price to Performance Ratio)
Behind the ear (BTE) and completely in the Canal (CIC) models
Widex Menu Super Power (SP)

Digital Hearing aids from Severe to Profound Hearing Losses
Most recent technology with very sensitive receiver and very high power output
Behind the ear (BTE) model.

For more information you can contact Mertcan at MED AID on 0533 850 5451. He is a truly nice man and fully trained in the UK. His premises are near the British High Commission in Lefkosa.

TRNC Border Control

Because of the threat of terrorism here, all TRNC borders have been tightened up trying to prevent acts of terrorism here.TRNC Border Crossing image

Those who try to circumvent the Temporary Residence system by refreshing their lapsed 90 days entitlement, thinking that is all they have to do [which is not the case for the under 60 year olds] might get caught out and suffer large fines. So beware it might just happen to you!

MOT Testing

Dates for next year’s MOT’s will be on next month’s News Round.MOT Test Centre

Dağlı Sigorta is offering a FREE emissions test and an appointment for the test to all new customers next year, proving yet again that they are forever trying to add value to their insurance policies.

Bayram Holidays

There are no Bayram holidays for this month. However, all Banks, Government/local Government offices will be closed from 12noon on 31st of December. The following day 01,01,2016 is a full Bayram holiday.

Can I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Peaceful New Year.

Trevor Hughes

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