December 10, 2023

Jamie the Man in Black is Back and legal!

“Come and join my guitar clubs”


By Chris Elliott……

These past 6 months there have seen many ups and downs in the local expatriate entertainment industry and it had reached a low point with some legal entertainers leaving the island Jamie the man in Black imageand others wondering what their future prospects are..

There are a number of good signs for the future and for one, I went along to meet Jamie Vincent (Jamie the man in Back) at The Lodge, Çatalköy where he had been running his guitar club and this is what he told me of his future plans.

“As everyone knows I had planned  to return to Turkey with my wife Teresa but due to a number of factors we have decided to stay in Northern Cyprus and of course I want to continue my musical career here.

Due to the uncertainty of future employment opportunities for legal expatriate entertainers in Northern Cyprus  I have decided to concentrate on developing  my Guitar Clubs and place less emphasis on playing gigs at various venues until future prospects are clearer.

The good news is my current work permit is being honoured for the Jamies guitar club in actionforeseeable future so I will be starting a new club at the SeAngle Bar, Çatalköy on Tuesday’s from 2pm to 4pm and I am also planning a further club to the west of Kyrenia on a Wednesday and with my current club at The Lodge Çatalköy on a Thursday from 10am till 1pm, this will give me a firm foundation to re-build my working life in 2016.”

So it was that I spent some time with Jamie and his students at The Lodge, Çatalköy to write this report and make a video and I was very impressed with the way that Jamie worked with his students who were all  very interested and attentive and no doubt they will all develop their skills in playing guitar and will look back on those times spent with Jamie with great delight and appreciation.

So leaving the last word to Jamie, he said “ Come and join my guitar clubsand perhaps I will!





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  1. Great news to hear, I think many of Jamie’s students will now breathe a sigh of relief!

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