March 31, 2023 says thank you!


By Chris Elliott…….

For as long as has been functioning, we have followed and reported where we can on the activities of those very kind people who become involved in events to help charities and those in need so that our readers can be aware and perhaps also go the extra mile to make the effort to help others.

It was a real shock and a very touching moment for me recently when I was with the organisers of the Villa Diva Halloween Happening and also Concerts Without Borders when Demetra George Mustafaoğlu, Figen Rasmussen and Hatice Kerimgil turned to Villa Diva Presents imageme at a recent event and to my shock and surprise, they presented me with a token of their gratitude for helping promote their events.

Like many other people, I do not even think about gaining recognition for the time and effort that takes to help promote  the efforts of those who are working far harder than we, to achieve their goal of helping others.

May I say thank you for your recognition and I hope through our efforts many others will want to help you with your quest  and attend your very worthy events in support of helping The Nicosia Centre for Children with Special Needs  (Lefkoşa Özel Eğitim Merkezi and The Lefkoşa Özel Eğitim Concerts without borders imageve Lefkoşa Özel Eğitim ve İş Merkezi.


The next event will be the star studded evening of entertainment “Concerts Without Borders” to be held on Friday 2oth November at 7.30pm. Click here for more information.

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4 thoughts on “ says thank you!

  1. Margaret and Chris – I know I have said this to you on at least two occasions!
    You do a fantastic job – just amazed at all your efforts !!!
    Best wishes

    1. Thank you John we continue to try harder to improve what we are doing and also the help we like to give.

      If only we could find one more volunteer for our team on, then we can do even more to help others and the communities.

      Thank you again,

      Chris and Margaret

  2. You certainly both do a wonderful job and thank you again for all you have done for me.

    1. Thank you also Patti for sharing your fathers story with us. These articles do take time to develop but what a magical surprise when we found some of your fathers old friends and introduced you to them. Yes we love to reach out across the years and share what we discover with others.

      We hope more people with memories will be found for you.

      Chris and Margaret

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