Girne State Hospital receives equipment

from NCCCT


By Chris Elliott…….

I have seen many presentations of equipment and facilities to the Girne State Hospital and never tire of seeing more as this form of help is vital as it helps the TRNC medical services perform their duties with increased speed and efficiency.

On Friday, 6th November 2015 I went along to the Dr. Akçiçek Hospital in Girne to see the North Cyprus Cancer Charity Trust (NCCCT) present medical equipment worth 62,000TL .

Right to left Dr Salih Beyoğlu Angela Hasman and Minister Salih İzbul
Right to left Dr Salih Beyoğlu Angela Hasman and Minister Salih İzbul

At the presentation was TRNC Minister of Health, Salih İzbul and the Dr. Akçiçek Hospital Head Doctor Dr Salih Beyoğlu who both made speeches to the assembled medical staff, press representatives and thanked NCCCT Chairwoman Angela Hasman and her committee for the wonderful and valuable equipment that had been donated.

The first item was a Digicen 21 blood centrifuge machine, which will be used to test a patient’s blood at the hospital and avoid the need for samples to be sent to Lefkoşa for testing.

Also presented were two Pulsa 200 devices.  These  will be used by the physiotherapy department for ultrasound therapy.

The most expensive items purchased were laparoscopic instruments costing 37,000TL.

Dr Koral Ҫağman, general surgeon, explained that these are necessary to perform minimally invasive surgery and that, thanks to the NCCCT, the hospital now had a laparoscopic tool for every organ in the body.

He also said that with new sophisticated equipment arriving, this often enables them to speed up the surgery and treatment processes.

The NCCCT Committee and its team of helpers are all volunteers, together with their supporters who attend their events and make donations and a big vote of thanks should be given to them all for the  essential medical equipment that is being used to enhance the lives of others.

NCCCT Committee with their donations