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TRNC News Today 10th November 2015

Greek Cypriots are angry with US Ambassador

The presence of uniformed high-ranking officers of the Turkish army at a reception hosted by American Ambassador to South Cyprus, Kathleen Doherty last week, sparked outrage by Greek Cypriot political parties yesterday.

GC's angry with US Ambassador

Greek Cypriot press reported that, as a rule, the United States invite Turkish army officers at receptions, but this marked the first time that all officers were present in uniform. It was also noted that Doherty violated the United Nations decisions numbered 541/83 and 550/83. Spokesman of the Greek Cypriot government Nikos Hristodulidis also pointed out that Greek Cypriot Foreign Minister is making initiatives for the issue.

On the other hand, a US State Department official said on Monday, amid reactions concerning a reception of the US Embassy in Cyprus, held in the TRNC and attended by Turkish army officers in uniform, that there has been no change in the US policy towards Cyprus, adding that the United States continues to support the settlement process, conducted under the auspices of the UN, to reunify the island as a bizonal, bicommunal federation. “The United States Embassy in Cyprus has long hosted an annual reception for contacts in the northern part of Cyprus. This includes Turkish military officers, who generally attend in civilian attire. This year some Turkish officers chose to attend the reception in uniform,” the official noted.

Akıncı received Australian High Commissioner Sweetman

President Mustafa Akıncı received the newly appointed Australian High Commissioner Alan Sweetman.

Alan Sweetman and Mustafa Akinci

No statement was made about the meeting which was held in the Presidency.

The parliamentary committee went to Brussels

A committee representing the TRNC Assembly went to Brussels yesterday in order to make contacts in the European Parliament and to meet with the representatives of the European Union countries.

Parliamentary Committee to Brussels

The parliamentary committee composed of CTP deputy Armağan Candan, UBP deputy Ergün Serdaroğlu, and DP-UG deputy Hasan Taçoy.

The Committee on Missing Persons thanked Akıncı

The Committee on Missing Persons expressed its sincere thanks to H.E. Mr. Mustafa Akıncı for a donation of 75.000 Euros made on behalf of the Turkish Cypriot community.


According to the written statement of the Committee on Missing Persons, this donation brings the Turkish Cypriot financial assistance to the Committee on Missing Persons to a total of 308.000 Euros over the past ten years.

This donation to the CMP Project on the Exhumation, Identification and Return of Remains of Missing Persons in Cyprus will contribute to the Committee’s goal of identifying and returning as many remains of missing individuals as possible in order to bring an end to the uncertainty which has affected so many families for so many years. So far, 614 missing persons from both communities have been identified and returned to their families for a dignified burial.

All Cyprus Trade Unions Forum wants to get involved in the process

All Cyprus Trade Unions Forum indicated that they want to take part in the process that will shape the working environment in the constituent states after an agreement.

The Forum which is composed of some Turkish and Greek Cypriot trade unions, prepared some suggestions and requests on how the working life should be in a Federal Cyprus.

All Cyprus Unions Forum

 Suggestions and requests under seven headings are as follows:

“Right to choose work and organization throughout the island in case of a solution; monotype  employment rules; single social security; implementation of a system for determining wages and salaries; prohibition of discrimination due to the ethnic origin, religion, race, gender or sexual orientation; health and education services; occupational health and safety.”

During the press conference, which was organized at the centre of the Pan Cyprian Federation of Labour (PEO) in South Cyprus, the authorities indicated that they intend to transmit their suggestions and requests to the Turkish and Greek Cypriot leaders preferably in a meeting with the leaders.

Lefke Municipality received Cittaslow membership

Lefke Municipality officially became a Cittaslow member with a ceremony which took place in Sweden on Saturday 7th November.

At the ceremony which took place in Sweden, Falköping town, the Cittaslow membership certificate and flag were presented to the Mayor of Lefke Municipality Aziz Kaya.

Lefke Cittaslow

The certificate was presented by Cittaslow President Stefano Pisani, Secretary General Pier Giorgio Oliveti and Cittaslow Vice-president and Mayor of Seferihisar Tunç Soyer.

President of the Lefke Tourism Association Hasan Karlıtaş accompanied Mayor Aziz Kaya in Sweden.

In his statement, Aziz Kaya stated that besides Lefke, 6 new municipalities were also included in Cittaslow and the number of Cittaslow members has risen to 210.

Kaya also stated that after Yeni Boğaziçi, Lefke also took part in the Cittaslow network and he added that this is an important achievement.

The delegations of CTP and AKEL held a joint event

The Republican Turkish Party (CTP) and AKEL held a joint event in order to exchange their views on the Cyprus problem.


The event which was held in Pelendria in South Cyprus continued for two days. The opening speeches were made by CTP İskele Deputy Chairman Hüseyin Mülazim and AKEL Larnaca District President Christella Andoniou.

The member of AKEL Politburo Hristos Hristofidis and the member of the CTP Central Executive Committee (MYK) Muhittin Tolga Özsağlam also made speeches at the event.

South Cyprus reported plans to purchase naval gunships

According to an article published in the Greek Cypriot newspaper Cyprus Mail today,   over the past two weeks various Greek Cypriot media outlets have put out differing reports on the Greek Cypriot government’s intentions to procure military hardware. However, the Greek Cypriot Defence Ministry on Monday declined to comment on reported plans for the acquisition of naval gunships.

A week ago Simerini said the government would be buying a frigate from Israel and three more from EU countries; this was neither denied nor confirmed.

South Cyprus to purchase Gunships

On Sunday, Kathimerini reported that the United States was about to ‘give’ South Cyprus two coastguard vessels.

Also on Sunday, Greek Cypriot Defence Minister Christoforos Fokaidis said the Greek Cypriot government is working “methodically and quietly toward making rescue operations safer and more efficient”.

According to Kathimerini, two ships – fitted with light weapons – are to be acquired from the United States. They are dual-use vessels (DUVs), that is, vessels that can be deployed for military as well as civil uses.

The transfer or sale of DUVs would get around the embargo on the sale of US military equipment to South Cyprus, the paper suggested.

According to the article, South Cyprus’ intention is to acquire open-sea patrol vessels, or offshore vessels, with long-range capability and able to navigate rough seas.

About two years ago, reports surfaced that the Greek Cypriot government had agreed to purchase from Israel two naval craft, to be used primarily for patrolling the waters in the Exclusive Economic Zone.

The two Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) were to be built from scratch for South Cyprus by Israel Shipyards Ltd, with a reported combined price tag of €100m.

At the time the Greek Cypriot government confirmed the negotiations with the Israelis.

The plans were shelved, apparently after the ruling DISY party decided the purchase would be provocative amid the financial squeeze.

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6 thoughts on “TRNC News Today 10th November 2015 – Greek Cypriots angry with US Ambassador


    1) South Cyprus Minister of Defense ask USA to lift arms embargo
    2) South Cyrus has war games with Isreal
    3) USA ‘gives’ armed DUVs to South Cyprus that circumvent the embargo
    4) South Cyprus had negotiated with Isreal for naval vessels
    5) South Cyprus’ intention to acquire open-sea patrol vessels, or offshore vessels, with long-range capability and able to navigate rough seas
    6) Uniformed Turkish high ranking officers at a reception hosted by American Ambassador to South Cyprus.

    Hmmmm, what colours should we use?


    1. You have every right to be concerned Mustafa. Its the same old, same old. The world propping up a state that takes all and gives nothing in return and then demands more.

  2. The first casualty of war is the truth. Lies are followed by bigger lies, which leads to a economic or military embargo. Preparation for war and the invasion are the beginning of private enterprises’ profits.

    War mongering is as much a staple of American diet as is McDonalds. Time magazine in 2003) noted the CIA’ s covert operations to overthrow governments. Greece (1967) and Cyprus (1974) are not listed.

    The Dept of the Navy-Naval Historical Center shows the US has used its military to impose its policies on other countries since 1798 – dollars and guns. Look to Greece. Of the $3,984 millions aid to Greece, 1944 to 1964, 53.7% went to the military.

    Great profits for the military-industrial complex. Profits are private, for the corporations. The costs are paid for by the people.

    Take a country and increase its unemployment, lower its buying power, bankruptcies, banks in financial trouble, recessions, depressions, revolutions. Preparation to and war itself is good for the economy.

    Look at our warring and oil rich neighbors – the US needs a military base here – north or south they don’t care.

    The US is also in negotiations in the Philippines to return the US military bases – look at the Philippines’ neighbor – China. China is wooing the Filipinos also.

    I was in Libya, with the USAF in 1967, when the 6 day war began. President Johnson had secretly authorized supplying Israel by air with a variety of arms systems, even when an embargo on weapons shipments was placed on the Middle East. The US and Britain backed the Israelis and the Soviets backed the Arabs.

    From the end of World War II to the 1990s the costs of militarism in the world, is over $15 trillion – $7.5 trillion spent by the US. The next largest sum by the Soviets. This money is wrapped in lies and drips with blood, of innocent young men, women, and children.

    When will the CIA find evidence here?

    Go read ‘Confessions Of An Economic Hitman’.


    1. Thank you G for your indepth analysis. A snapshot of history does not convey the full picture and by your explanation through some murky facts the truth concerning the Cyprus division and its continuation to this day may start to emerge.

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