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Trevor’s Tips – November 2015

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By Trevor Hughes……


Mobile phones must be registered

All ‘pay as you go’ mobile phones will need to be registered with your mobile phone company in the TRNC; otherwise they will be cut off.

By 1st December, 2015 any ‘pay as you go’ mobiles not registered within 90 days will be cut off.Mobile phone

The law was changed in 2012, but had not been enforced by the mobile phone companies; and had gone unnoticed until recently.

The purpose of registering mobile phones is to combat illegal use of phones and prevent them being smuggled into the country; registration would also help to track stolen phones and other crimes.

You can still buy ‘pay as you go’ mobile phones from supermarkets and other outlets, but the supplier must register them with the mobile phone company within 90 days of your purchase.

Anti flu InjectionsGet your Flu shot

You can purchase the anti flu vaccine from your local chemist at a cost of less than 20TL.

You can then go to your local health centre for them to carry out the injection, which is free of charge. The anti flu jab could be a wise investment if you are thinking of going back to the UK in the winter months. Remember, flu is one of the highest killers of the elderly from which you can protect yourself. Germs are very easily shared from person to person whilst travelling in aircraft.

Vehicle MOTMOT Test Centre

Guess what? With immediate effect the cost of an MOT or motor vehicles has gone up from 127TL to 143TL.

Internal Water Hoses

I needed to attend a customer’s home for flood purposes as a result of a “flexi water” pipe splitting under the sink in the kitchen. When the water leak was discovered, water had flooded several rooms and damaged beyond repair cupboard Flooded housedoors and a bathroom sink cabinet.

The house was only unattended for two hours, but was long enough for the water to cause damage.

Can I recommend, that if you are going out even for a short time, you switch the electricity supply off to the pump and avoid the possible trauma of debris removal and repair?  Insurance companies reserve their right of not meeting a claim if you do not switch the pump off when going out!

Platinum Cover for Third Party Car Insurance

Dagli Sigorta now offers a truly unique insurance package for their third party insurance customers. They are the only Company in the TRNC to offer this truly amazing set of optionsDagli Sigorta image sml

Through Dagli Sigorta, you can now insure your third party vehicle for “write off” compensation if you are the guilty party in a road traffic accident. This is in addition to a further three options available.

For more information contact Trevor: on 0533 844 3403. This demonstrates that Dagli Sigorta is the market leader in this field, not followers, offering better value for money than any of their competitors!

Bayram Holidays

There are no Bayram holidays this month

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