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TRNC News Today 23rd October 2015

Çolak met with the representatives of French think-tank organizations

Foreign Minister Emine Çolak met with the representatives of French media and French think-tank organizations within the framework of her contacts in Paris.

Within the framework of her contacts in Paris, Çolak attended the round table meeting which was organized by the French think-tank IPSE and moderated by the Chairman of the organization Emmanuel Dupuy in which ex-minister of the Sarkozy government Senator Jean Marie Bockel also participated.

Emine Colak in Paris 2

After the meeting, Minister Çolak met with member of the French Foreign Affairs Committee and member of the French Permanent Delegation to NATO – Bockel and underlined that developing the relations of the Turkish Cypriots with France will make positive contributions to the solution process and also emphasized that this is the most natural right of the Turkish Cypriots in order to express themselves.

Çolak also met with the head of the ‘Institut Français des Relations Internationales’ think tank organization’s Turkey Program, Dorothée Schmid. The Cyprus issue, the expectation of the Turkish Cypriots and the perspective of Turkey to the Cyprus problem were evaluated at the meeting. Stating that there is no need to question the willingness of the Turkish Cypriots for a solution, Çolak emphasized that Turkey sincerely continues to support the solution.

Minister Çolak who completed her contacts in Paris returned to the TRNC yesterday.

Talat talked in the European Parliament

The Republican Turkish Party (CTP) leader Mehmet Ali Talat participated as a speaker in the conference entitled the “Cyprus Issue, Negotiations and the Latest Stage” which was hosted by the European Parliament, United Left Group and organized by the AKEL delegation in Brussels.

Talat at European Parliament

Describing the developments in the Cyprus issue starting from the early 2000s, Talat emphasized the importance of the agreement reached on the property issue stating that it will be solved by the property commission according to the certain criteria which will be determined in this new phase.

“The progress to be achieved in this issue will develop in parallel with the determination of the criteria” said Talat.  Indicating that it is now accepted by the vast majority of the people that the solution of the Cyprus issue will be for the benefit of both communities, Talat expressed that the common points are increasing with time and emphasized that as well as the administration, power sharing, economy and relations with the EU issues, some improvements also occurred on the property issue as well.

Talat said that only two important chapters remain, one of them is territory, that means map; and the other one is security and guarantees.

Siber received the President of the World Taekwondo Federation – Linda Park

Speaker of the Assembly Sibel Siber received the President of the World Taekwondo Federation, Linda Park and her delegation who are in the TRNC for the purpose of participating in the 27th TRNC International Taekwondo Championship.

World Taekwondo

President of the TRNC Taekwondo Federation Eyüp Zafer Gökbilen, President of Turkey Taekwondo Federation Talih Yılmaz, President of Norway Taekwondo Federation and the athletes and representatives from Iran, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Moldova were also present at the visit.

Stating that sports and culture make a great contribution to the peace, brotherhood and friendship in the world, Siber also said that the sports embargoes imposed against the Turkish Cypriot people should be removed.

Akıncı: “Reaching a strong structure in the country is important in the aftermath of a solution”

President Mustafa Akıncı indicated that reaching a strong structure in the country is very important in the aftermath of a solution and added that if the internal problems of the country are always dependent on the solution of the Cyprus problem, this will not make us closer to a solution.”

Mustafa Akinci

During one of his receptions yesterday, Akıncı said that serious developments have been experienced in the Cyprus problem but there are still some complicated issues at the negotiations.

Pointing out the importance of political determination and will, Akıncı said: “The negotiations will be intensified as of November. Our wish is to reach a solution as soon as possible”.

Furthermore, Akıncı added that the conjuncture is suitable for a solution and they will continue to do whatever is necessary to reach a solution in the island.

Nearly 14,000 foreigners have residence permits

The number of foreigners who have been granted a residence permit is announced as 13,841 in 2014 in South Cyprus.

Residence in South Cyprus

Greek Cypriot daily Phileleftheros newspaper reported that, according to data of the EU Statistics Institute, the number of foreigners who have been granted a residence permit has reached 13,841.

The newspaper also reported that among the EU countries, South Cyprus has been the third country where most residence permits have been granted to foreigners. It is also indicated that these permits consist of 7989 work permits, 2111 family reasons and 1444 educational purposes

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