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Appreciating the Self

By Viola Edward…..

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I have been reading your articles, I enjoy the reading but it doesn’t stay in me for long. I think I don’t like myself, I even avoid the mirror, after reading your articles, I look again inside and outside of “me” and I don’t like me…How can I change this “perception” of myself?

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Dear Reader,

There is a story about Michelangelo; it said that when asked how he went about creating a sculpture, Michelangelo replied that the essence of the statue already existed inside the marble. He claimed that “Moses” and “La Pieta” was already Michelangelo Mosesthere and his work was to merely get rid of the excess marble around what was God’s creation.

There is a divine essence or spark in all of us and we get to see it, recognize it and feel it at certain times in our lives. It is a sensation of expansion, celebration, stability, the love of life itself. In our daily lives, we forget this sensation of divine essence yet we reconnect with it at specific moments such as on seeing your own newly born child, when you fall in love, when you are transported by creative inspiration, or when one goes beyond oneself to commit a truly heroic act. In moments such as these, we act and come into close contact with our essence.

  1. G. Jung formulated the idea of the ‘collective unconscious’ or a structural layer of the human psyche that “contains the whole spiritual heritage of mankind’s evolution”. He claimed that there is a ‘collective psychic substratum’ deep in the mind that is “born anew in the brain structure of every individual”. Re-birthing takes this idea one step further in the realisation that we are all part of an essence that is one and the same at this profound level. The concept of Divine Mind suggests that we are not only identical at core but that we are all basically one with the same Being.

It can thus be said that we are all gifted with natural talents, knowledge and numerous different attributes. Around our true essence, however, we build up an increasingly sophisticated “belief system” from the moment of conception, at birth and during the first few years of life, all the way through to the Think Positivepresent day. This belief system is made up of positive and negative thoughts. The positive thoughts are aligned with the nature of our true essence whereas the negative ones limit us in everyday life regardless of all our wishes and efforts to change. These negative thoughts disconnect and separate us from our essence and a dense mass begins to form around God’s great sculpture. They create a rift between our essence and us, they limit our existence and they give form to and shape the limiting and negative part of our personality.

Today in Cyprus, we have so many opportunities to work in ourselves, there are Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Relationship and Life Coaches, Breathworkers, Counsellors, Hypnotherapists, etc…Please choose what is convenient for you, contact the professional of your choice, work together and help yourself to bring out the beauty that already exists in you and needs to be seen and nurtured.

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Viola came to Cyprus from Venezuela in 2002 to join Michael who was born on the Island and returned from France in 1999. Viola and Michael are both trained therapists in Breathwork and they founded Kayana Ltd in 2003. Viola specialises in Relationship Coaching, Business Consulting and Colour and Image. Michael has an Engineering background and specialises in Massage and Watsu.

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