December 8, 2023

Kib-Tek – Moving with the times


By Margaret Sheard…..

Many people will have received an SMS message from Kib-Tek earlier in the year asking for information in respect of the new system to be introduced in North Cyprus for the payment of electricity accounts.   Eventually new remote electronic meters Kib-Tek logowill be fitted for all electricity users and at this time paper bills will cease to be issued.

When the SMS message was transmitted many people thought it was a hoax, but this was not the case and I for one promptly sent a text message with the information requested, which was confirmed as received by Kib-Tek.

I assumed that nothing different would happen until the new remote electronic meter was installed but the following month I received a text message as well as a paper bill.   NSA allegedly collecting mobile phone text messages worldwide This month, not only did I receive an SMS message and a paper bill, I also received an email with the bill clearly displayed.

I am very impressed that a system has been put in place and is working even before all of the new remote electronic meters are installed.

When we published an article on cyprusscene to make the situation clear to people who were confused by the original SMS message, we received an enquiry from a lady who does not live in North Cyprus permanently but owns a property and she was experiencing great difficulty in making contact with Kibtek.  I believe the original SMS message was for a limited time period in which to supply details.  We gave enquirer a contact email address – and suggested she sent a message in English and Turkish (which could be translated through Google) which she did and made contact through that email address. No electricityKibtek responded to her, assuring her that as she paid her electricity account through a bank there was no need to worry. So it seems that payments made automatically each month through a bank will not be a problem when the new system is eventually in force.

For those people who have chosen to ignore Kib-Tek’s request for details, it should be noted that a new system is being introduced and without the required information, we understand that Kib-Tek will not be able to deal with their account under the new remote electronic system, which could result in cutting off of the electricity supply and possibly a re-connection charge being levied.






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