December 5, 2022

Comment on TRNC – Turkey Relations

Privatising water is last nail in

the TRNC’s coffin

Water ProjectPrivatising the management of the water conveyed from Turkey to the TRNC will be tantamount to integration and annexation of the north of island to Turkey, so writes Turkish Cypriot columnist Sami Özuslu in ‘Yeni Düzen’ on Monday.

In his article titled “Is the TRNC being closed down?” Özuslu writes, inter alia, the following:

“The debates on the water [management] have once more, seriously brought onto the agenda Turkey-TRNC relations and their international repercussions.

Those who approach the issue with the attitude that ‘our state and municipalities cannot administrate the water, and that they will go bankrupt’ are either not seeing the danger which is approaching, or they have another road in mind. The name of this road is integration! That is annexation!

The elements of the deep state which had drawn up the Cyprus Recoupment Plan, had aimed at binding the whole of Cyprus to Anatolia. Very well, however, have Ankara’s aims not changed since the 1950’s? Is the policy of binding Cyprus to Anatolia still continuing? Is the Cyprus leg of the ‘crashed into the wall’ foreign policy of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s and Ahmet Davutoglu’s Turkey to ‘definitely bind at least the half of that which we occupy, if not the whole of it’? I have honestly started to seriously worry about this”, he says.

TRNC-Turkish FlagThe columnist notes that the water issue seems to be the “clue to very critical strategic plan. Talking about a clue is actually useless. Perhaps it would be more correct to talk of the ‘last blow’, because we are very close to the end now”, he observes, adding that after taking a few more steps they could declare to the world that they have completed the integration.

Wondering what will be the need for the TRNC to exist after that, the columnist argues that the security of the Turkish Cypriots is ensured by the Turkish General Staff, they carry out their foreign relations through the Turkish embassies, they travel using Turkish passports, they use the Turkish Lira, their central bank is directed by a person appointed by Ankara, their post code is “Mersin 10, Turkey” and their budget’s road map is drawn by the three-year protocols signed with Turkey.

Moreover, Özuslu reports that the municipalities are directly bound to Turkey’s aid delegation to the TRNC and this delegation decides which projects will be implemented every year. “The mayors have many times heard that ‘if you build a mosque there, the pavement project will be ok’”, notes the columnist adding:

“We have given them the airlines; we have given as a gift the only operational airport. The capital of Turkey has already taken over the country in the field of tourism to a great extent. Now let us hand over the water and the electricity and let it all be over.  No function is left for the TRNC anymore. If it is closed today, nothing will change in our lives”, he concludes.

Original Source: Yeni Düzen

Source: LGC News  – Read the original article and more news by clicking the link

7 thoughts on “Comment on TRNC-Turkey Relations – Privatising water is last nail in the TRNC’s coffin

  1. Turkey is and has been the tinc’s saviour to believe the the tinc has autonomy is a dream.
    They owe their existence to Turkey who has paid millions into the infrastructures .
    Not to mention had to suffer the bad management of so many municipality’s

    I am a tinc citizen and I am under no illusion.

    1. I think you are under hypnosis, which makes you think you are under no illusion.

      1. Do you truly believe any large country does things simply because it’s moral. Call me hypnotic but it’s easy to see the world over and in the case of Turkey she has a vested interest here because of its geography and to turn this island into a pumping station and gambling centre.
        This is a fact that nobody can change not even a government. Now u can call me sinical but I suggest u get used to it.

  2. Having experienced the way the municipalities run other services I wouldn’t let them anywhere near the water from Turkey. Turkey paid for it, why shouldn’t a professional services company run it, makes perfect sense!

    1. As we reported in our other article today click here, you do have a fair point Robert.


      “By this project, which has cost more than 1 billion 200 thousand Turkish Lira, water will be supplied from Turkey and distributed to Lefkoşa, Girne coast line, Mağusa-İskele and Dipkarpaz through a 475 km water pipeline.”

  3. I must be missing the point here but what is the problem? The Channel tunnel has worked fine with people not water and run privately after the Brits and the French were at each others throats for centuries yet some odd people are trying to destabilise a sensible scenario where the Turks and the TRNC share and work together. Yes I know Cyprus and Turkey are not comparable in may ways, economically, demographically or geographically but come on they do have similarities and if their are differences its as much as a Karpazli to a Girneli (no offence intended on either town or village.
    If I didn’t know bitter I would think this was some far right win ideologist getting all worked up because he might be losing his TRNCypriotness because he might have to drink Turkish water!
    There may be work to be done and negotiations on both sides are important in the interest of both sets of investors.

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