TRNC News Today 28th September 2015 – Akinci visits New York

TRNC News Today 28th September 2015

Akıncı to visit New York

President Mustafa Akıncı will go to New York today.

Akıncı will hold contacts within the framework of the 70th Session of the UN General Assembly.

Akinci and Ban

President Mustafa Akıncı who will go to New York with his wife Meral Akıncı will be accompanied by Turkish Cypriot Negotiator Özdil Nami, Presidential Spokesperson Barış Burcu, Private Secretary Cenk Gürçağ, Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Erhan Erçin and a member of the negotiating team Sertaç Güven. On the other hand, Akıncı will also meet with the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

Anastasiades met with Ban

Greek Cypriot Leader Nikos Anastasiades, who has been in New York within the framework of the 70th Session of the UN General Assembly, had a half-hour long meeting with the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.

Anastasiades and Ban

According to the news of the Greek Cypriot radio, Anastasiades made a statement to the reporters after his contact with Ban and said that he informed Ban about the progress they have experienced in the negotiations as well as the problems they have faced so far.  Anastasiades also asked Ban’s support and contribution in the efforts of solving the Cyprus problem.

“We will tell everybody that we demand a solution”

In her speech to Turkish Cypriot daily Kıbrıs newspaper, Emine Çolak explained that she will hold various contacts in the USA and state Turkish Cypriots’ willingness for peace.

Emine Çolak

Stating that she will also go to New York after President Mustafa Akıncı, Çolak said that intensive contacts will be held in order to explain the on-going negotiation process in Cyprus and also the position, the determination and the worries of the Turkish Cypriots.

Meanwhile Çolak said that the most important reason of her acceptance of the duty of Foreign Minister is the dynamism at the negotiations.

Colak said that they will tell everybody that the Turkish Cypriots demand a solution and stressed that they should be hopeful for a settlement.

Moreover Çolak added that the works for opening Derinya and Aplıç border gates are continuing and said that time is needed in order to complete these works.

Ozersay: “The new party will defend a mutually acceptable solution”

The Former Negotiator Prof. Dr. Kudret Ozersay who recently explained that they have decided to form a new political party, made important statements to “Kıbrıs Postası” on this issue. Ozersay said: “We are talking about a political formation which aims to support a mutually acceptable solution for both sides of the island.

Kudret Ozersay

We are talking about a fair and balanced solution which protects our rights and interests and also prevents the Greek Cypriots to see themselves as the “loser” side. Within this framework, we care about the success of the negotiation process which needs to continue on the basis of the UN parameters and joint statements between the two sides. We will support this process as long as it continues based on these principles.”

Proposal from Rasatom Company to Greek Energy Ministry

It was stated that Russian State’s nuclear energy company ‘Rasatom’ which is constructing Akkuyu Nuclear Power Station in Mersin,Turkey proposed a program to the Greek Energy Ministry regarding taking the advantage of nuclear energy in the generation of electric power in Cyprus.

nuclear energy company ‘Rasatom’

Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros noted that the program submitted by the company envisaged the construction of small nuclear power stations which will solve the electricity problem in Cyprus.

Fileleftheros also noted that the authorities of the company had a meeting with the Greek Energy Ministry authorities and they informed the participants from various departments about supplying electricity. Authorities of the company also guaranteed that cost of the production could be 50 Euros per megawatt including all expenses.

It was also stated that information about the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Station was also given at the meeting and expressed that electricity could be supplied to Cyprus with cables.

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